Meditation for Anorexia

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Recovery is an attainable goal for those who suffer with anorexia, but for this serious and life-disrupting mental illness, there are inevitable challenges on the path towards full health. Having extra support and an effective means of self-care at your disposal while you receive treatment can be hugely beneficial if you live with anorexia - and in this, Beeja meditation can offer tangible help.

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  • The problem

    Anorexia is one of the most common eating disorders.

    It is defined by a dominating fear of gaining weight and the subsequent attempts to exert control over this area of your life. Symptoms include restricting food intake, excessive weight loss, lying about what you’ve eaten and how much you weigh, and strict rituals around eating. 

    The causes include an intersection of genetics, life experiences, psychology and personality traits. Ultimately, however, anorexia has its roots in various cognitive imbalances and perceptual errors that become more harmonised when we meditate. 

  • How it affects you

    Anorexia often is an all-consuming and obsessive illness - if you live with anorexia, it can feel as if it dominates your entire life.   

    This eating disorder can have severe physical ramifications as well as psychological ones.          

    Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder, which is why comprehensive medical, emotional and psychological support is vital. 

    A full recovery from anorexia is achievable, and meditation is a self-care tool that can help you move forward into a happier and healthier future.


  • How can Beeja help?

    On an emotional level, meditation makes us feel more comfortable with ourselves and enables us to rediscover our true selves, so we no longer feel defined by our weight or looks.

    The dysmorphic tendencies that characterise anorexia also dissipate as our perception refines and this allows us to see a much more accurate picture of ourselves when we look in the mirror.

    The irrational fear of weight gain, which has somehow lodged itself into our nervous system, is brought into balance as a result of this more natural functioning, and the obsessive and compulsive tendencies that often go hand in hand with anorexia also ameliorate.

    This condition creates disorder in every system of the body. It often leads to irregular female cycles, fertility issues, and depression, all of which are brought into balance by meditation.

    The pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for our rationality, becomes more active when we meditate and allows us to think and behave more in alignment with healthy outcomes.

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  • Reviews

    Lily, Pilates Teacher, London

    "I would recommend Will and Jess’s Beeja meditation introduction course to anyone! They have a personal approach that makes one feel supported, held and entrusted throughout the course and thereafter."

    Laura, Lecturer, London

    "The technique is simple and I felt the meditation “working” from the first instance. In just a few days, my sense of well-being has dramatically improved and I feel more settled on a deeper level. And this is just the beginning!"

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“Treatment for an eating disorder is challenging. It involves interrupting behaviors that have become driven and compelling.”

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Angela Guarda, M.D. Johns Hopkins Eating Disorders Program

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