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Meditation helps the body to age gracefully in numerous ways. It can help our brains to function at their best; improving memory and creativity. Studies have shown that meditating with personalised mantras can improve neuromuscular coordination and help you feel years younger.

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  • The problem

    We all want to age gracefully. 

    There is no question that ageing presents us with a challenge.

  • How does it affect you?

    Our bodies just can’t do the same things they used to, and we have to take new approaches to the way we live. 

    But just as tricky is how we feel about it. As you age in Western culture you become more and more invisible. Being old just isn’t cool. Whereas people in traditional cultures cannot wait to be a much-respected greybeard!

  • How can Beeja help?

    Meditation helps on almost every level.

    As well as tons of health benefits, we often feel much more energetic and more flexible. In short, we feel years younger.

    It sounds too good to be true, but we do actually experience a reversal of ageing. When we start meditating, we can effectively press pause on the ageing process for anything from five to 15 years! 

    Meditation does only help you live longer, it helps you enjoy life more.

    Studies have also shown that meditating with personalised mantras our increases neuromuscular coordination, improves our vision and combats gum disease.

    Meditating also slows the decline in serum DHEA S levels - which are vital to our adrenal functioning. After our mid-20s, they start to fall, and by the time we’ve hit 70, levels have dropped by as much as 80%. Maintaining higher levels of DHEA S is important as it helps protect against depression, and is associated with longevity.

    Meditating helps our brains to function at their best; improving memory and creativity.

    We glide through life with a sense of well-being and young at heart. Anxieties or fears around death tend to disappear as we tap into the essence of ourselves and the world around us. 

    Beeja practice gives us something to look forward to each day. We can explore and grow without having to be be physically active. (Don’t worry, you won’t have to get into the lotus position!). Sitting up in bed or in your favourite chair are perfect places to meditate. Indeed, you can practise Beeja anywhere you can sit.

    Another study monitored 71 people across eight nursing homes over three years. Amazingly, no-one in the experimental group using personalised mantras passed away while 38% of the 478 control subjects did.

    Whilst this study is small, it is heartwarming to think that by meditating we can not only watch the grandchildren grow up, but look better, feel better and engage with them more as we do so.

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  • Reviews

    Mathilda, Writer

    “One week, two weeks, and three weeks on and meditating twice a day, I am still feeling as though I am on a blissful island, surrounded by the torrents of modern day life…my taste, vision and memory are back and I am waking up in the morning with a smile…and I feel as though I have dropped into my body 20 years younger. Amazing! And the practice is effortless.”

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Early studies suggest a notable reduction in mortality rates seen in older meditators. For example, in 2005 202 elderly subjects were monitored, and the results showed a 23% reduction in death rates for those using personalised mantras.

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