Meditation for High Blood Pressure

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Meditation lowers high blood pressure by significantly reducing stress levels, causing the body’s systems to normalise. Meditation has been shown to lead to a widening of arteries around the body, improving blood flow and heart health.

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  • The problem

    High blood pressure can lead to serious health risks; heart disease is the UK’s biggest killer. Getting your blood pumping as it should is a vital part of protecting yourself against it. 

    Stress is a major factor in increasing blood pressure, so the first step to take is to try to reduce it. 

  • How it affects you

    During the stress response, a substance called vasopressin is released, which constricts the arteries and causes increased hydraulic pressure in our circulation of blood. This is accelerated by our heart beating faster when stressed.

    Often, this stress functioning becomes programmed as our new ‘normal’, so even our resting heart rate and vaso-constriction levels are too high.

    This is the term to describe what happens when our systolic blood pressure reaches 140 or our diastolic reading reaches 90.

    The pressure that this places on our hearts is huge, and the consequences can be deadly. Cardiac disease is by far the biggest cause of early death in the developed world. 

    Unfortunately, only half of all those affected by hypertension know that they have it. Even in countries where diagnosis is reasonably high, less than half of those who do know they have the condition are adequately controlling it.

    And most of those who are actively managing the situation are doing so using medications, which can have very harmful side effects.

  • How can Beeja help?

    When we meditate, our stress levels fall significantly, and all the systems within the body begin to normalise, including our blood pressure.

    Our heart rate tends to fall by an average of five beats per minute, we release less vasopressin, and we experience dilation of our arteries, particularly in our peripheries. The net result for people with higher than normal average BP counts is that there are significant reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure counts.

    The personalised mantras bring about such a deep resting state, that the body is able to reset its programming to a normal healthy level. 

    Our nervous system returns to a calmer resting state.

    The added bonus when using Beeja meditation to treat high blood pressure rather than medication is that the side effects of meditation are nothing but positive.

    It has been shown that meditation using personalised mantras is two and a half times more effective than muscle relaxation exercises for lowering high blood pressure, and is more effective still than education programmes on diet and lifestyle.

    Over time, as our arteries soften, and our blood pressure lowers, we reduce the risks of all the related health conditions that can strike when our blood pressure readings are permanently high.

    In addition, the constant sense of being on edge and never truly being able to unwind is taken care of thanks to the harmonising effects of Beeja meditation on the nervous system.

    For those with low blood pressure, you can be assured the effect is just as powerful. It is a testament to just how intelligent the body is when it is given the chance to rest and repair at a deep level.  

    Meditation is also one of the best ways to keep your blood pressure at healthy levels.

    A billion people around the globe are affected by high blood pressure, and we would be delighted to see those numbers come down with the help of healthy alternatives such as Beeja meditation. To our knowledge, this is the only technique that has been shown to deliver such consistently significant clinical results.

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  • Reviews

    James, Physiotherapist

    “As a health care practitioner I am… interested in the objective benefits of practicing Beeja meditation. While still a relatively new area for research, a growing amount of empirical evidence supports this technique as a way of reducing blood pressure, helping stress related disorders and improving our sense of self. Having experienced the benefits first hand I am excited to follow progress of Beeja in healthcare in the future.”

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‘Those practising the technique had a significant reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure of 11 and 6 respectively. Those are big numbers. We don't get these kind of results all the time with medications’

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