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Intuition is the ability of a person to acquire knowledge without inference or reason. It goes against the logic of our western mindsets, and yet it seems to be an innate quality of humans across the world. The trouble is, there’s so much going on in modern life, we’ve lost track of this important skill. Beeja helps to reset our entire nervous system so that we are once again able to tune back in.

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  • The problem

    Intuition is not to be confused with gut instinct, which is based on previous experiences which your mind-body-nervous system remembers. It is more abstract than that. Plato, one of the founding fathers of western culture, considered intuition to be a fundamental knowledge that resides in the soul of reality. 

    So if Plato’s right (and, let’s face it, he usually was), where have our intuitive capabilities gone?  Why do we end up making so many bad decisions, feeling lost or like we’re moving in the wrong direction?

  • How it affects you

    Our nervous systems are simply overwhelmed with too much noise and clutter. We live such hectic, stressful lives that there are so many internal signals sounding, it’s hard to make head nor tail of them.

    At the same time, our nervous system - which acts as the intuition antennae - struggles to pick up subtle energy and information that passes through the field of consciousness or electromagnetic field. 

    This means the signal to noise ratio is very much against us. But once we start to calm our nervous system down, suddenly we are able to begin processing all that fundamental knowledge as it’s far easier to pick up.

  • How can Beeja help?

    The first thing that Beeja does is to reduce those noise levels, so you can think clearly again. The use of personalised mantras is a powerful tool that works with your own nervous system to calm it down. 

    Beeja also helps to fine tune our nervous system ‘antennae’ so it is super efficient at picking up subtle information. 

    Beeja also frees our sub-conscience from the programming that’s developed over time; instead of ignoring our instincts and intuition, we are able to listen and respond with confidence to what our bodies are telling us. 

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  • Reviews

    Charlaine, Writer

    "Sound judgement, stronger intuition, choosing your battles, erasing and replacing redundant persons or situations with better things, communicating resourcefully with yourself and others - the list goes on..”

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“The two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.”

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