Meditation for Low Sex Drive

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Meditation works on three levels to restore our sex drive. It can reduce stress that otherwise interferes with the normal flow of hormones, and also help to regulate blood flow around the body - allowing us to respond more easily to arousal. The relaxation benefits of meditation can give us the mental space to appreciate the emotional joys of love and sex.

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  • The problem

    Crazy long work hours, lack of sleep, low energy levels or drinking too much all have a dampening effect on your sex drive. There are also medical conditions such as diabetes or depression and medications which suppress it too. Stress levels play a really big role too.  

    Low sex drive isn’t a problem in itself. It only becomes a problem if it’s worrying us or causing tension in our relationships.

  • How it affects you

    When men are stressed testosterone levels fall and this affects both their appetite for sex and their capability to perform as well as they might like.

    For women, there are corresponding reductions in oestrogen and androgen levels, which also takes the edge off feelings of sexuality.

    In addition, under the stress response, our blood flow gets diverted to the thigh muscles and not the more sensitive inner thigh regions.

    If we have decreased blood flow in our nether regions, we just aren’t going to feel so inclined to get jiggy with it!

    It also tends to shut us down emotionally, so our inclination to mate becomes further inhibited.

    And lastly, for us to feel a sense of arousal, we need to feel relaxed so that the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system can become activated and trigger the arousal response. Anxiety and sex are not a good mix. 

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja meditation works on three levels to restore our sex drive.

    First, it helps keep stress levels in check, and allows our sex hormones to flow more naturally.

    Second, our blood circulation evens out and allows us to respond more easily to arousing circumstances.

    And third, the relaxation we feel with a nice meditation twice a day, opens us up emotionally to the joys of love and sex.

    We could even add a fourth quality. Meditation brings an increase in tactile sensation, making sex itself more satisfying.

    So while chocolate, oysters, and Barry White can all be delightful in small quantities, a regular dose of restorative meditation practice will keep the fires burning very nicely. (Sorry, Barry!).

    And for anyone with the opposite problem, meditation will deliver a balancing force in the other direction - making love the motive rather than pure lust.

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    "It’s been an amazing week. I have meditated twice a day, yesterday I was in the park. My senses feel heightened, I have had a visual feast watching my favourite Kubrick movies. I feel more confident. My brain has done some amazing healing. I stopped smoking but had a little lapse. But I am determined to quit. Friends have said how amazing I look and two friends will sign up for the intro talk. Really good things are happening and I am loving life."

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