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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a manifestation of anxiety and has two main parts; obsessive and compulsive behaviours. Sometimes your obsessions and compulsions may feel manageable, yet at other times they are impossible to live with. They may be more severe when you are stressed about other things like work, dealing with big life events, or relationships. Beeja meditation profoundly soothes anxiety and stress and offers lasting relief from OCD, making it one of the more effective treatments, and a gentle means to recovery.

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  • The problem

    If you’re struggling with obsessive thoughts and behaviours, you’ll know how intrusive they can be.

    OCD is often dismissed as a quirky trait, but it can be extremely serious for sufferers. 

    You suffer from obsessions; these are unwelcome thoughts, images, urges, or worries that repeatedly run through your mind. Whilst anxiety is often the underlying cause, this very process creates added anxiety.

    You suffer from compulsions; these are repetitive activities which you undertake to try and reduce your anxiety caused by the obsession. It could be anything from repeatedly washing your hands, to checking the oven is switched off or repeating a phrase in your head. 


  • How it affects you

    Whatever the nature of the compulsion, it stems from an anxious response deep in the brain.

    The amygdala are a cluster of neurons in the brain’s medial temporal lobe that play a key role in processing emotions. 

    In people with anxiety, the amygdala is found to be working overtime. 

    Our neuron patterns are stuck in a continual state of excitement, so constantly stream out into our awareness. 

    If our amygdala is in overdrive due to frequent intermittent stress, then the content of that incessant ideation is going to centre on obsessive worries and compulsive tendencies.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja meditation can play a crucial role in OCD therapy. It naturally de-stimulates the nervous system and allows the level of excitation to begin calming down to more natural levels. The strength of the neuronal projections decreases, and with time we start to build newer, more progressive inter-neuronal connections.

    The amygdala also becomes less active and begins responding to the world in a more appropriate way. It ceases to colour our thoughts in such a negative way.

    The way we receive, process and store serotonin is connected to repetitive thought patterns. The hormonal balance we find in meditation helps to harmonise the serotonin, leaving us feeling calmer and more balanced. 

    As a result, we break through our ingrained patterning and begin to settle down to a much more relaxed, more functional mode of being. From there, we can begin to thrive.

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