Meditation for Panic Attacks

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Panic attacks are a sense of paralysing, hyperventilating fear that can be debilitating and terrifying. Meditation can help to bring harmony to your system and reduce the effects, and frequency, of panic attacks. It can temper our ‘fight or flight’ stress response and reduce activity in the fear centre of our brain, known as the amygdala.

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  • The problem

    Panic attacks are a sense of paralysing, hyperventilating fear that can be debilitating and terrifying. 

    They always arise from elevated anxiety levels, usually brought about by some form of psychological stress or another. 

    Once you’ve had one or two panic attacks, this anxiety may now be imprinted into your nervous system, and the mere possibility of another episode is enough to raise anxiety levels further.


  • How it affects you

    Panic attacks are caused by the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. 

    It’s the branch of our nervous system which regulates the ‘fight-or-flight’ survival response, and when triggered, it can severely affect our mind, body and emotional systems.

    During a panic attack you might experience a range of symptoms from sweating profusely, trouble breathing, feeling faint, a racing heart, nausea or trembling. 

    Your body feels out of control and you may be scared that you will faint, have a heart attack or die.

  • How can Beeja help?

    We’ve helped lots of people who suffer from panic attacks. 

    Beeja meditation uses a uniquely powerful and calming sound, which is personalised to you, to restore harmony to your system, and reduce the effects, and frequency, of panic attacks. 

    It tempers our ‘fight or flight’ stress response by reducing activity in the fear centre of our brain, known as the amygdala.

    Beeja also resets our hormonal balance to more natural levels. 

    It enables our brain to develop greater levels of functioning and neural connections so we start to form new positive pathways, and escape the frustrating cycle of anxious thoughts. 

    At first, Beeja can be used as a great tactic to manage the immediate impact of panic attacks. As time passes, and our nervous system becomes more balanced, and the likelihood of experiencing panic attacks decreases.

    People suffering from panic and anxiety attacks who come and learn with us are welcome to learn a supplementary ancient breathing technique after the course. This technique will help keep things calm while you transition to a stable and even keel.

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  • Reviews

    Helen, Marketing Consultant

    “I learned five weeks ago and my experience has been super positive. My anxiety and depression is lifting, I’m sleeping like a log, I have waves of energy, I'm super productive at work and less reactive to potentially stressful situations. My friends and colleagues have noticed how much calmer, balanced and happier I seem.”

    Margot, Researcher

    “I took Will’s meditation course in May 2014, having had increasingly bad anxiety over the past few years. It was an enormous relief for the anxiety to quite quickly disappear and gradually for a less reactive and calmer outlook to take hold in my approach to life.”


    "Around 6/7 months ago I started to suffer from severe anxiety / panic attacks. At first they were relatively infrequent but over time they became closer and closer together until I was living with constant anxiety. I was incapable of spending any time alone which in turn led to a period of very dark depression… a very close friend suggested Beeja meditation. I took the beginners course and almost instantly began to feel better. In all honesty, meditation was the only thing that really touched the sides. As I felt the positive effects so quickly, I went on a weekend retreat which fast tracked my recovery even further. I cannot recommend meditation enough, it lifted me out of a very dark place and changed my life for the better. "

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