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If your little bundle of joy is feeling more like a miniature stress machine, don’t worry - you’re not alone! With constant feeds day and night, lack of sleep is one of the main causes of postnatal stress. Throw in some wacky hormone levels and it’s no wonder we’re all over the place. Beeja meditation can help by rebalancing hormone levels and getting us much needed boosts of deep healing rest, so that we can enjoy this super special time with our babies.

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  • The problem

    When we’re stressed we’re less attentive, less patient and not able to be as loving as we’d like to be. 

    Babies are awesome, but having one is a massive shock to the system on every level. The relentless demands of parenting mean you cannot help but be under great physical stress. This can apply far beyond birth!


  • How it affects you

    One of the areas that young parents find most difficult is the lack of sleep after the baby is born. Not only do we face a lack of quantity, we also face a lack of quality. The constant waking up process means we rarely get to enjoy the really nourishing parts of the sleep cycle, such as REM and slow wave cycle sleep, meaning we feel even more deprived than usual. 

    The unpredictability of such fragmented sleep means that we are also less able to switch off and allow the body’s metabolic rate to meaningfully rest, which compounds the situation.

    Unsurprisingly a woman’s hormonal balance is also greatly challenged by the pregnancy, birthing and nursing process.

  • How can Beeja help?

    If we want to be able to love and care for other people it’s crucial we have a means of balancing and replenishing ourselves. 

    Through the practice of Beeja meditation, we bypass the shallow layers of rest during sleep and immediately fall into the deepest zone, compensating massively for the deprivation we’re experiencing. 

    In addition, one of the most successful aspects of Beeja meditation is its ability to restore balance to our hormonal make-up. Not only will that keep us more level generally, but it will also greatly reduce any possibility of developing postnatal depression. 

    Extra bonus. Meditation takes no effort and can even be done whilst nursing! 


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  • Reviews

    Simon, Video Director, Sydney

    "Having seen first hand the positive difference the Beeja meditation had made on my life, my wife was very curious about it, but she was worried about he she would fit it in with looking after two young children. But as soon as she met Will and he talked her through some of the strategies for doing it as a young mother, she opted to take the course. She greatly enjoyed it and her meditation practice has made a huge difference to her and to our family life in general. She is much more calm and balanced, and now there are two of us feeling this way, our kids get to benefit from having two much more relaxed parents 🙂”

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