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Does your workload overwhelm you? Do you feel frustrated at the end of the day that you haven’t got through as much as you’d hoped? Beeja meditation will help you to process information more clearly and make more effective judgements. People who practice our technique report significant increases in job satisfaction, performance, decision making and productivity. Beeja is not only the easiest way to supercharge your productivity skills, it’s also really enjoyable and comes with tons of other benefits.

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  • The problem

    We live in an information-rich world, with demands coming at us from all angles. Deadlines, quotas, productivity reports, and workplace stress can feel overwhelming and just when we need to be operating at our best, we struggle to get things done.

  • How it affects you

    When we are under pressure our sympathetic nervous system kicks into action; the more it gets going, the more essential brain functions begin to shutdown.

    One of the most significant casualties of this is our prefrontal cortex, where all of our creative functions and lateral thinking skills live.

    There are strong evolutionary reasons for this phenomenon. But, it doesn’t feel very evolved when you have a mental block or are unable to progress with a project or idea as you can’t work out a clear way forward.  Or you’ve reached saturation point and just can’t absorb another thing. 

    And the faster life moves, the more this becomes a feature until eventually this chronic shutdown starts to become ingrained.

    This often leads to anxiety, which can build over time. The more anxious we become, the more we stressed we become, and the more we struggle to keep up, much less function at our very best.


  • How can Beeja meditation help?

    Meditating with beeja can improve clarity, and boost our ability to come up with new ways of approaching tasks and solving problems. The executive functions of our brain are much more active when we meditate, and we foster more coherence within the mind.

    We also process information more clearly and can make more effective judgements. We are much freer of decision anxiety and find ourselves far less constrained by irrational ‘what ifs’. As a result, we make better decisions.

    Normally, when we engage a relaxation technique, our senses become dulled and our reaction times and processing capabilities fall. However, for those meditating using personalised mantras, speed, accuracy and calmness of reactions increase by up to 40%.

    And when it comes to executing the decisions we make – or those made for us – we find that our enhanced interpersonal skills and increasing ability to relate (brought about by our increased perception and less stressed manner) mean we can achieve consensus. So it is much easier to inspire others to achieve their objectives.

    Task management becomes easier and problems become no more than achievable creative challenges.

    It all adds up to greater efficiency in everything we do, increased physiological stability and an overall uplift in productivity.

    What’s more, if you’re into sports, many of the same factors that allow us to be more effective in the workplace also foster greater capability in the sporting arena.

    Beeja meditation leads to a 0.4 (significant) to 0.8 (very large and significant) improvement in intellectual performance metrics such as fluid intelligence, mental efficiency, practical intelligence and creativity.

    Beeja meditation also improves ‘field independence’. This results in greater clarity of thought, improved memory, greater organisation of the mind, greater ability to assimilate and structure experience and increased creative expression.

    Developing a deep sense of positivity is one of the hallmarks of this technique.

    A study from the University of Wisconsin demonstrated that when you’re feeling positive, your productivity rises by 31%, you’re 40% more likely to receive a promotion, and nearly ten times more engaged at work. 

    Research has shown that practice of this technique within organisations can significantly increase job satisfaction, performance and job productivity, improve relations between supervisors and co-workers, reduce job worry and tension and improve decision making capability.  These benefits apply to all employees whatever their status within the company.


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  • Reviews

    Nikki, TV Producer, London

    "I'm calmer, less stressed and find this new relaxed state enhances my ability to work effectively and retain information. I've also noticed a significant enhancement in my ability to problem solve situations.”

    Jasper, VP, London

    “Since learning with Will, my productivity has risen by 25%; it’s like having an extra secretary!”

    David, Digital Marketing, Manchester

    Although initially skeptical, I booked a course with my fiancee largely for her benefit. The (rather selfish) benefits I felt I could derive from such a technique was to structure my work productivity better, being an overly ambitious entrepreneur. And yet, four months on, wow! What an unbelievable difference and improvement I see in the structure of, not just my work productivity, but my life. With such a fantastic teacher, and now friend, in Will I am truly blessed to be where I am – a better person, intrinsically and extrinsically more successful and more controlled and focused. Thank you. I can’t say that enough.”

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"I've noticed that I’m no longer ruled by emotions – I can see when I’m angry or frustrated without being in that feeling.”

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