Meditation for Shift Work

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Shift work can cause major disruption to our natural sleep patterns, but meditation helps the body to settle into a more harmonious rhythm. It can also help cope with stress, a major cause of other sleep issues such as insomnia.

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  • The problem

    No matter how many total hours of sleep you may be getting, if this sleep takes place very late at night or even during the day, then it is going against your biological nature, and your body will never truly be able to adjust.

    Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to sleeping, and under these circumstances, the quality is usually very poor. But good sleep is vital for our health and happiness.

    Plus, when you’re exhausted and your body clock is put out of whack it’s far easier to succumb to unhealthy sugary snacks, junk food and cigarettes to get you through. 

    All of this leaves hardworking shift workers at risk of depression and health issues.

  • How it affects you

    Shift work – and particularly night shifts – wreaks absolute havoc on our body’s natural circadian rhythms and put a significant stress-load on the systems of the body.

    As a result, our stress response becomes over-activated, and we increase the risk of a number of physiological and psychological problems - including cardiovascular, digestive, immunosuppressive and fertility issues.

    Our bodies become stuck on the fight or flight response which throws our hormone and chemical balance out of line.

    This is compounded by the effects of unhealthy lifestyle choices which so often go hand in hand with working tough hours.

  • How can Beeja help?

    Beeja meditation offers an effective way to help restore balance and harmony to our disturbed circadian rhythm.

    It allows us to gain the deep rest your body needs and craves (up to five times deeper than the deepest point in sleep) and ensures we get plenty of slow wave cycle rest so that we can keep our body functioning optimally.

    Beeja also helps to relieve stress and anxiety. And it is one of the most effective treatments for insomnia. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of physical exhaustion when your mind remains wired and won’t let you sleep.

    If you are no longer working in shifts but still suffer from its effects, we would suggest you still consider learning this practice of meditation to help restore balance.

    Without even trying, you will become more conscious about the food you eat and how much you drink and smoke. 

    The cherry on the cake is that Beeja will also leave you feeling more engaged with the work you do, more energised, and more connected to the world around you. 

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  • Reviews

    Brunella, Marketing Consultant, London

    “Knowing the meditation is fixing everything in its natural order, be it physical or mental or emotional from the inside out is such an incredible and comforting thought. I look forward to the endless benefits yet to come and thank you both so much for taking this upon yourselves to share this precious gift with the world and me.”

    Tom, Editor, London

    “This course gave me my first experience of meditative euphoria, and the prospect of this narcotic-free ecstasy made it easy to come back to. After my third session and a week of 20 minute morning sessions my energy levels have peaked… and any insomnia issues have been sorted.”

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“Each of us has a sophisticated internal system of ‘body clock’ genes that turn on and off at different times and tell other parts of our body what they should be doing.”

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