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Thin in Body, Fat in Consciousness

Greetings one and all. After a refreshing Christmas break it was great to be back teaching again. One of the recurring themes of the last month has been people’s attention to weight issues and a general dissatisfaction with December’s waistline developments! So we thought we should address it with a few eye opening ideas about nutrition and meditation, which can transform the way we work with and work off our cuddly bits!

By far and away the most important aspect of being your ideal weight is to have your fat cells operating with the correct amount of insulin resistance. We don’t, as we might think, gain or lose fat cells, we merely cause our existing cells to engorge under certain circumstances.

Yes if we eat McDonalds every day they’ll engorge, and of course if we take no exercise then there will potentially be more to store. But if we don’t have our insulin resistance functioning correctly, it doesn’t matter how many salad leaves we eat, or how many miles we clock on the keep-fit express, we will struggle to keep them pounds off. And if for any reason we don’t stay vigilant, we simply get more cuddly! (more…)