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Of Patience and Procrastination

patience and procrastination

Here at meditation towers, we are so busy with the completion of the epic digital tome that is our new website, I thought the subject of procrastination would be a good subject to broach in the time I have to write this before my train reaches its final destination!

It is said that the best things come to those who wait, but this is perhaps a rather unrefined, unsophisticated and ultimately unhelpful aphorism. We can agree that patience is most definitely a virtue, but I would contend that waiting is a sin. I use this word rather mischievously, not to imply a theologically skewed summation of your virtues that will lead you to eternal damnation, but more as a snappy way of implying that a measure of ignorance is being willfully applied. (more…)

Of Fragments & Epiphanies

I hope you’re all travelling nicely. Lots of cool things happening behind the scenes here at meditation towers which hopefully we’ll be able to update you on next month. Up until yesterday I had a complete blank about what I was going to write about this month. Usually I’m filled with an abundance of ideas but the three website upgrades we’re doing and the 90,000 words I recently discovered I am required to write for them is diverting my creative resources somewhat!

And then it occurred to me that perhaps it would be a rather grand idea to talk through the process of ideation itself. (more…)