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A yummy place to eat: Riverside Vegetaria, Kingston Upon Thames

Riverside Vegetaria Review

I had the great joy of catching up with our dear friend and student Jasper recently as I was in his neck of the woods and so he suggested we lunch at this highly rated restaurant on the Thames waterfront. A very cute and unassuming place with barely ten tables to dine on, this little restaurant had just about the most interesting and all encompassing vegetarian menu I’ve ever seen. I’ve always been a fussy blighter with my food, driving my family mad when I was a nipper, so it’s a rare day when I encounter a menu that inspires me to want to trough every item! And there were plenty to choose from, and that was even before looking at the almighty specials board with super deal of three courses for £16.50. (more…)

To dream, or not to dream, that is the question

To dream or not to dream

I was at a talk recently and the subject of dreams popped up. Dreams as in our personal goals, our aspirations, our future hopes. This was followed by some lively discussion about the validity of identifying our dreams and the natural inclination to wish to follow them. On the one hand was the encouragement for the pursuit of anything that you feel will make you happy and fulfilled. On the other was the counter argument that surely chasing dreams is taking us away from the joys of the here and now. It was a very interesting debate and one that we have all experienced to one degree or another. Compromise v reality generally seems to be most people’s experience of it and it can lead to significant internal conflicts and confusion. (more…)