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Why Does It Always Rain On Me

We had an interesting experience a couple of weekends ago when organising an outdoor video shoot. It was going really well until the heavens opened and poured copious amounts of water all over our set. Even at the height of summer it’s an occupational hazard in the land of Blighty of course, but so ironic that it landed in the middle of a heatwave!

The time, energy and financial resources that go into organising these shoots are, in relation to what we have, really rather significant. We had kind and supportive comrades gathered for the shoot, we had given up our only free weekend in months, I had prepped night and day to get it all setup, and then of course there was the energy invested by the talented director and camera lady whose dedication to the cause were extremely touching. So to have Mother Nature seemingly urinate on our parade could have easily activated that despairing sensation, ‘why me?’, ‘why is life always against me?’ etc etc. (more…)

Knowledge Eliminates Fear

knowledge eliminates fear

We have just returned from our spring retreat and it was an incredibly memorable experience! By the end of the weekend we were getting stuck into some pretty profound knowledge and experiences and it seems many of the participants felt they were peering through the looking glass and realising that there is more to what we can offer than merely an uplifting and life-enhancing tool. (more…)