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Share your #MeditateAnywhere photos for a chance to win OM Yoga Show tickets!

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One of the brilliant things about Beeja meditation is that you can practice it absolutely anywhere, whether it’s in the quiet privacy of your home, a secret spot in the leafy countryside, or in the middle of the raucous breakfast rush at your local cafe.

To celebrate Beeja meditations beautiful versatility, today we are launching the Meditate Anywhere Photo Competition, giving you the chance to win one of five pairs of tickets to the Om Yoga Show in London on the 23rd- 25th October.


Success – what does it mean to you?

success and meditation

I’m constantly intrigued by the amount of people who think stress is necessary for success. One day I’ll write a blog, or maybe even a book (to add to my list!) about how and why stress isn’t just unnecessary, but quite often counter-productive to the achievement of the greatest outcomes. However, for this month’s post, I would like to put some attention on the definition of success. (more…)