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Beating the Nerves on Your Wedding Morning

how to beat wedding nerves

As Spring approaches and we head into wedding season, here at Beeja we’ve decided to put our heads together to give advice for brides (and grooms!) on how to beat wedding nerves in the joyful yet undeniably nerve-racking run up to the big day.

Lots of brides-to-be have a picture of what waking up on their wedding morning is going to be like. Sun streaming through the window, an exquisite dress hanging up and ready to be worn, and a bubble of excitement in their chest. But no matter how perfect the picture, people also know that it’s almost inevitable that – along with all the happiness and anticipation – they are going to be racked with wedding nerves.

Fortunately, there’s ways to deal stress and anxiety, even when they are hitting panic-inducing levels. Whether you experience social anxiety or shyness and are nervous about being the centre of attention, you are worried about everything going to plan, or are just suffering from good old-fashioned wedding day jitters, these tips should help see you through. (more…)

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What to Think About When You Want to Start Meditating

you want to start meditating


In the last few years, meditation has soared in popularity. The people who practice meditation have always had a strong conviction that the practice is beneficial, and as more and more scientific research supports this this anecdotal evidence, others are taking up the practice in order to cope with their increasingly stressful lives. It’s even being embraced by the business world and introduced into state institutions. With the benefits becoming clear, many people intend to make meditation part of their daily routine.

However, much like the diet that never quite begins, many people are finding that they never actually get round to it. The amount of information and guidance on offer can be so intimidating that it’s often hard to know where to start! (more…)

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Humans Vs Animals: The Stress Contest

humans vs animals stress


When talking about stress, it’s good to remember that it’s served us well in the millennia that we took to evolve. Stress is ancient and vital to survival, and if a panic response didn’t kick in when we saw a predator looking at us with a glint in it’s eye, none of us would be here today. This being said, we primates have managed to evolve enough intelligence (combined with other factors) to make stress bad for us, getting so clever that we have plenty of spare time and brainpower to worry ourselves into all sorts of health problems.

Mind you, it may be taken for granted that humans are the smartest of all the animals, but if you take a moment to consider the lifestyle of an average cat, our relative intelligence is thrown starkly into question. (more…)

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The Fifth Beatle

The fifth beatle

I’ve just found out that Mr George Martin, the fifth Beatle and most honorary of sirs, has passed away and instead of feeling sad, I feel completely uplifted to remember all of his amazing works.

At the age of 15 I became totally obsessed by the Beatles, and have never really known anything like it before or since. I had actually picked ‘Strawberry Fields’ as one of my top 3 songs of all time in music class a year before, and I was also a huge fan of ‘Twist & Shout’ as a result of my love affair with Ferris Bueller. But my familiarity with the Beatles was restricted to their more poppy hits like ‘Hey Jude’ (which I loved) and ‘Yellow Submarine’ (which I never really did).

And then one day, in November 1995, I started watching the anthology documentary series, and I was amazed by just how BIG the fab four had been. And also how incredibly innovative! And then, on 24th November of that year, my life changed. I watched and listened as the song ‘A Day In The Life’ played out and I had never heard anything like it. It struck me as being the most remarkable piece of music I had ever heard – the audacity of splicing two songs together, the otherworldly dream sequence, and the audacity of that orchestral build up and transition. And then there was John’s voice, so haunting, so honest, so vulnerable. (more…)

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