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Make hay when the sun shines

Will Willaims retreat winter seasonal affective disorder


It’s easy to forget the cares of the world when the sun is shining and the world feels so much brighter, especially in the UK where the weather seems to play such an important role in our individual and cultural psyche.


The bounty of barbecues, beaches, festivals and chillouts in the park make for a golden time when life can feel so special.

We have noticed in recent years that everyone seems much happier with their lot over the summer, and then before you know it, autumn has arrived and with it, a slight sense of impending gloom and anxiety about the road ahead. For those with a history of depression, anxiety or Season Affective Disorder, it can feel like you’re fast approaching a season when life often proves tough.


So with that in mind, I have decided to pen this post in the hope of inspiring any interested readers into taking affirmative action now, so that the forthcoming winter can have more smiles than groans. (more…)

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Cognitive Dissonance

Denial cognitive dissonance trump

This month I wanted to talk about cognitive dissonance, one of my favourite observations from the field of psychology. Cognitive dissonance is the state of discomfort one feels when there is a conflict between the belief or paradigm one holds, and the actions, behaviours or evidence that one is confronted with.

This discomfort induces the person with dissonance to adopt strategies that reduce the discomfort being felt. The person feels compelled to mislead themselves, or others, in order to justify their position. It will also likely lead to them avoiding situations where a dissonant situation may arise. According to its original proponent, Festinger; ‘It leads to activity oriented toward dissonance reduction just as hunger leads toward activity oriented toward hunger reduction.’

Although most of us haven’t heard of cognitive dissonance, we are all hugely familiar with the patterns of behaviour it is describing. (more…)

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