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Why Men Need to Think About Self-Care This Movember

male self-care


You may have noticed a lot of proto-moustaches forming on the top lips of usually clean-shaven men the last few days, which can only mean one thing – Movember is here! Here at Beeja Meditation we think that taking up meditation is a great way to look after ourselves, and this Movember we’re thinking about how men can often overlook their wellbeing and the importance of male self-care.¬†

A month-long awareness and fundraising drive that shines a light on men’s health, Movember aims to reduce the number of men who die prematurely due to a variety of factors. Addressing the biggest health issues that affect men, such as prostate and testicular cancer, the people behind Movember are hoping to change attitudes so men are more willing to visit a doctor than tough symptoms out until it’s too late to effectively treat them. But more than this, Movember considers the medical, societal and emotional concerns which contribute to preventable deaths in men – ¬†something that is particularly pertinent in relation to mental health and suicide. (more…)

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