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Hello Guys,

After a much-needed return to source in India, we are now back in full swing ready to make 2020 the best year yet!

One of the best themes to open the year with is the subject of 20/20 vision. Although it’s usually taken literally, I feel the concept of 20/20 vision is far more interesting.

It seems the busier we get, the more we lose ourselves down the funnel of our daily dramas, and in the process, we are losing the big picture.

We choose our battles amateurishly, we invest our energies poorly, and we end up draining ourselves of life force energy just at the very time we need it most.

We have become so aligned to goals and the acquisition of knowledge and possessions, that we have neglected the importance of wisdom. 

Perhaps it’s because the western paradigm that has shaped our world gives little if any consideration to the more subtle, metaphysical mechanics of the universe.

As a result, we have a philosophical void in our lives which means we can’t answer the big questions in life without departing from the pervading cultural paradigms. So unless you’re willing to be a cultural black sheep, there is a heavy and uncomfortable dissonance between how you’ve been brought up to see the world and how the world really is.

The discomfort is such that we very happily lose ourselves down the daily drama funnel as a way of distracting ourselves from the dissonant realities we face.

But perspective is essential. Without that, we could waste an entire lifetime rushing from here to there without any deep meaning or purpose, simply to fulfil the societally approved output of being busy. Or perhaps it’s to prove to the people closest to you that by being busy your life is somehow worthwhile, and important.

The dissonance we face is so strong that we seem capable of maintaining this delusion until we reach the precipice of death, at which point we suddenly seem to get a massive dose of perspective and realise what was important all along.

But death is inevitable, so why do we have to wait until it knocks on our door before we wake up to the things that really matter? 
This is where meditation is super valuable because if we do 20/20 meditation everyday, it gives us the 20/20 vision to see through the miasma and get the important stuff nailed.

It won’t make us perfect – nothing will. But without taking time out to tune in, and zoom out of the minutiae, our lives are going to be so positively imperfect that we are going to end up sewing the seeds of huge remorse and regret. Who wants to wake up one day and feel their life has been wasted?

So our recommendation for you all as we transition into February is to give your meditation an extra dose of commitment, to keep you connected to what’s important, and to supplement this with regular post meditation reflections on what’s really important to you.

In your heart of hearts, what moves you most deeply? What would be the most fulfilling way to live your life?

As I write this, someone I’ve recently met is up for a big and prestigious award. And whilst we all love to be recognised for our work and our endeavours, the person who wins the biggest award is actually the one who carries themselves with dignity and grace even in the face of loss and disappointment.

When we do that, we gain strength, and conviction, we earn even more respect for ourselves and from others. Being an embodiment of dignity and grace no matter what the circumstances is surely one of the great achievements of humanity.

But we can only truly embody this when we have a masterful level of perspective. Because without that, our dignity is either false, or rendered impossible by our emotional reaction to losing.

There are so many virtues that mirror this dynamic. By planting one seed, we can grow an entire grove of possibilities.

So let’s all make 2020 the year where we open ourselves as much as we can to the spectral array of physical and metaphysical experiences. That way, we can enjoy the fruits of an unbounded perspective where dignity and grace reign supreme.

With love from all the team


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