October 2022


Hola Amigos!! My digits continue to smoke with newsletter intent, and for this little thought piece, I’d like to focus our collective lens on the phenomena of catastrophisation. It’s interesting, because I’ve always had a relatively low tolerance threshold for the self created drama that the catastrophists in our lives foist upon us, but having …

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Controlling the \’T\’

Howdy Campers, I’m having a bit of a prolific spell with newsletters at the moment, so I’ve got no idea when you’ll be receiving this, but sending you vibes through the dimension of time to whenever these words land in your retina. For this particular instalment, I’m going lean into the world of squash for …

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Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Wassup peeps! As ever I’m hoping you guys are in super fine fettle. It’s funny when you do a job like this, you care so much about how people are doing. It’s like everyday you wake up rooting for everyone, sending everyone vibes like a star radiates photons, hoping and trusting that some of them …

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