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Meditation is used all over the world and is incredibly popular from one side of the globe to the other. While the practice has proven to be widely loved in 2019, we wondered how this compares with the last five years, to see whether the practice is on the rise and where it is gaining traction. 

We turned to Google Trends to find out more about how many searches there has been relating to meditation in 2019 compared to five years ago and found an overall upward trend, with the worldwide results showing that searches to do with the topic of meditation are at a five-year high with a 27.6% increase in search interest.  

Founder of Beeja and Meditation Master, Will Williams said:  

“It’s great to see such rapid growth in interest in meditation happening right around the world. There is very clearly a pressing need for wellbeing solutions, and meditation is far and away the most effective and empowering way of experiencing a better life.  

“I’m particularly fascinated by developments in China and Turkey, two ancient cultures that seem to be rediscovering ancient tools for modern living and it’s also interesting because we have 100,000 people from Turkey wanting to take part in our next World Meditation Day event on the 21st of May, which we founded in 2017. 

“I’m also thrilled to see France really embracing it, as I believe there was considerable scepticism before, and given that it was the only Western country not to embrace the Beatles, I did wonder if they would also be immune to meditation, but clearly not!” 

  • France comes out on top of the European countries with a 134.8% increase in search interest from 2014 – 2019 
  • The United Kingdom shows an increase of 42.6% in search interest 
  • China comes out on top of the countries from outside Europe with a 129.5% increase in search interest from 2014-2019   

How has meditation popularity increased over the last five years in these European countries?

How has meditation popularity increased over the last five years in these countries outside of Europe?


Using Google Trends, we searched for ‘meditation’ as a topic within the time period of 01/01/14-14/11/19. We then took an average number for each year so we were able to track an increase or decrease in interest over the period. We only considered countries with a population of five million or higher 

With the difference between search interest, we were able to work out the increase or decrease in interest as a percentage, giving us our results. 

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