No More Asuncions

Hello Groovers, Happy Easter to you all! Hope your transcendental meditation is going beautifully. I had a very interesting experience recently. I headed for the Southern Brazillian city of Florianopolis, which a Brazilian friend described to me 17 years ago in terms that etched themselves into the core of my being. I’d wanted to go …

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Golden Slumbers pt.3

Other Inhibitors of Sleep Hola Groovers,So further to the last two posts, we are concluding with an epic finale on all the other inhibitors of good sleep that you may find valuable to understand in a bid to enhance your overall wellbeing. We will then wrap up at the end with a list of bulleted …

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Give me your love not your power

One of the most fascinating aspects of relationship dynamics is the ubiquity of surreptitious power struggles, and the conditionality of the love often found on offer. This applies regardless of whether the relationships are platonic or romantic. It’s strange how we may try and dominate one another, or how we may brazenly give our power away …

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Sleep Advice: Top Ten Tips For A Good Night\’s Rest

The reason I found meditation was because I’d experienced seven long years of insomnia. I had been desperately seeking solutions for much of that time. Having tried hypnotherapy, acupuncture, yoga, reflexology and various other methods, as well as herbal sleeping tablets, blackout blinds and silicon ear plugs, it was only the meditation that finally resolved …

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