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Advanced mantras: turbo-charge your meditation experience

When we first learn to meditate, we are given our initial mantra. These are potent sounds which open up the connection to the subtlest layers of being, a place that most of us have not experienced before. These mantras are designed to take us inward, to dip into the deepest state of transcendence in order to facilitate the release of unwanted baggage so that we can experience the significant benefits that come from the practice.


I was really deeply impressed by the advanced mantra course. Although you had hinted at the powerful transformative potential of an 'up-graded' mantra, I was not prepared for how effective it is.  I feel a mixture of pleasure with glimpses of some place of beauty so radiant - I could not have begun to imagine this before the class.

Ros, Family Councillor, Geneva

What do they do?

These upgraded sounds are twice as powerful as the ones that precede them. They enhance the depth of the meditation experience and refine the senses of perception, resulting in deeper, more subtle and refined experiences both during meditation and outside of it. They will rapidly accelerate your progress towards more integrated states of consciousness, and we recommend them to anyone who would like to experience more. They also make the meditation experience itself considerably more blissful.


I am still amazed how the new mantra seems to move my meditation to the next level. The "new" meditation was much deeper than before and I felt full of energy and even more blissful than usual. I still absolutely love the feeling of walking around afterwards having this big smile on my face which I can't stop.

Anna, Marketing, Geneva

Who is eligible?

The Advanced Mantra course is for anyone who has bee­­­­n practising Beeja meditation (or TM) regularly for at least one year.  We would, of course, love to teach this to people in their first weekend of learning, but they are extremely powerful, and it is necessary to do some groundwork first. 

I've often sought out calmness externally, through others. But the advanced mantra has allowed me to reach a calm gentleness and stillness from within me, to make me smile, and to allow a lucidity and clarity to filter into pretty much all aspects of my life - both personal and professional. It is pretty amazing.

Rajeshree, London

How is the course structured?

These courses will be taught on selected days in London throughout the year and are 3.5 hours in total. The first part is a one-hour session in which you are given your mantra upgrade. The second part is a 2.5-hour group session in which we instruct you on how best to use and integrate your upgraded bit of kit! Our aim is to help you become a true master of the subtle art of meditation, and these sounds will take you ever closer to the source of all your inner bliss.

I've been doing my advanced mantra and have had some lovely meditations. It's like caramel. I've been experiencing some interesting things which I don't know if I can really describe. A little like my heart is bursting open.

Rosie, PR, London

Please note – you must have taken the ‘Beginners Course’ (find out more here) to qualify.


“I feel like my meditations are much deeper and I feel increasingly happier and calmer. Thank you again for this great course!” Emmanuelle, Life Coach, London














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