Beginners Meditation Courses & Classes

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What do we provide?

We offer beginners meditation courses in London’s Shoreditch.

Our Meditation for Beginners course is personally taught by highly experienced (and friendly!) people. Anyone can learn with the right technique and teaching. Let us show you how.

  • Weekend + weekday daytime and evening courses

  • Course = three consecutive classes
    (seven hours total)

  • The technique = customised to each individual, ensuring ease of practice & maximum results

  • FREE aftercare for life:

    • 24  group meditations per month to chose from
    • follow up support

Why Beeja Meditation?

Over 200 reviews, rated 4.9 out of 5 by our students
3 Locations, located throughout London
Friendly, helpful staff - who really know their stuff.

How it Works


Tailored to the individual.
You are given a personalised sound at our Meditation for Beginners class that enables you to experience a deep meditative state with ease and comfort.


Gentle repetition.
You repeat this sound silently in your mind. The unique quality of this sound resonates with your particular nervous system, allowing you to enjoy a profound state of rest and relaxation.


Deep relaxation.
In this place of deep rest, all systems within mind, body and nervous system can repair and rejuvenate.


Calm & clarity.
A sense of calm, clarity, and creativity begins to permeate your everyday experience. Life is richer, more joyful and more inspiring.


A tool for life.
It’s so easy, you can do it any time, and in any place.

Where is it?

45 Hoxton Square, Shoreditch, N1 6PD See on map

Will’s Meditation HQ in the heart of London’s Shoreditch is perfect for teaching the art of Beeja meditation.

It is a large, light-filled relaxing space, with great views over London and tea on tap!

We also hold meditations in Soho at: 37-41 Mortimer St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3JH

Course Overview

Each session is designed to optimise your learning and expand your experience of the meditation.

Getting Started: one-hour session (1-to-1 or small group)

You’ll be given your personal sound and guided into your first Beeja Meditation. 
We know everyone has busy schedules, so you can pick any time between 6.45 am and 9.30 pm for this initial class.

Three Hours (Small Group Session)

We’ll give you the low down on how to meditate with confidence and integrate this practice into your daily life. Years of experience have enabled us to hone down all the essential principles into this three-hour session. You’ll then have the chance to ask any questions you may have and participate in a group meditation.

Three Hours (Small Group Session)

During this class, we’ll explore the mechanics and science behind the technique. You’ll discover how and why the practice delivers such profound benefits and enjoy another group meditation. We will also make sure you know how to tactically apply it to overcome stressful situations, to ace interviews and presentations without getting nervous and to overcome jet lag. We will also give tips on how to become a master meditator over time. 
You’ll notice when booking that some of our daytime courses run over four days. This offers exactly the same experience, just with slightly shorter class times. 

Not only, but also…

Once you have learnt with us, we offer aftercare for life. If any questions come up, we’ll be happy to answer them for you on the phone, via email or text.


We’d love to see you again after the course. There are 24 FREE group meditations each month, and you are welcome to attend any of the following:

– Every Tuesday lunchtime in Shoreditch.

– Every Tuesday evening in Shoreditch for a midweek booster.

– Every Wednesday evening in Shoreditch for a hump day reviver.

– Every Thursday evening in Shoreditch – get yourself in a great space ready for the weekend!

There are also free classes for intermediate and advanced practitioners and some classes at weekends too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of doing Beeja meditation?

An excellent question! Firstly, it is extremely easy to do. In fact the universal feedback is that this is the easiest form of meditation there is. It is also the most effective technique we know of for combating stress, anxiety and insomnia, and for developing present moment awareness, creativity and self-confidence. It doesn’t matter if your mind is noisy, whirling and overactive – the technique does not require concentration. It is customised to each individual so that it works for everyone. And you’ll be amazed how easy it is to reach the deepest states of relaxation even in the busiest and most hectic of environments. The bus, tube, train and plane are all perfect places in which to meditate. It is portable, practical, non-religious and really enjoyable and you will start noticing benefits almost immediately. It’s an incredibly effective tool for living a full and inspiring life.

Why learn with Will Williams Meditation?

First of all you will find a great teacher in Will. His main qualities as a teacher are his rare combination of high level spiritual knowledge gained from time spent with numerous great masters; his understanding of a number of the most illuminating scientific disciplines; and his ability to synthesise this into an engaging and digestible format so that everyone who learns walks away with a comprehensive and relevant understanding of all things meditation.

Will also stands out for his amiable, down to earth approach and his love and passion for passing on this ancient knowledge.

Apart from the quality of teaching, our students really appreciate the aftercare we give them with our regular check-in sessions, group meditations and the fact that you can call Will or a member of the team any time you have a question or need advice.

Am I going to have to sit cross legged or do any chanting?

No! This is certainly a classic stereotype, however these things are completely superfluous to effective meditation and can actually be somewhat counter-productive. We are all about providing meditation that is easy, comfortable and enjoyable, and which can be done at your convenience anywhere you wish – tube, train, bus, plane, coffee shop or park bench. Most people think you’re simply resting your eyes, when in actual fact you’re having a deep and blissful experience. It couldn’t be more ideal!

Will Beeja meditation work for everyone?

Absolutely. The beauty of this technique is that there is a mantra for everyone, and it will start working straight away. We have taught people of all ages, backgrounds, professions and physical and psychological types and it works every time.  Do have a peek at our reviews when you get a chance.

How much does it cost?

We wish to offer the best training at the lowest possible price and make it accessible for all those who wish to learn.

The standard price is three monthly instalments of £98 to help spread the investment (total £294). Included in this one off fee is the course, and also:

Unlimited FREE aftercare

Once you have learned, the team and I are available for life to answer your questions and help guide your practice as it develops.

You can call or email us anytime at no extra charge. The people we have worked with have reported finding this invaluable.

Unlimited free after-care support from myself, and our super lovely colleagues.

Unlimited FREE group meditations

Every week we hold group meditations. You will have access to 24 FREE sessions a month for life. It’s a great way to further your practice, ask your questions, and meet some really cool people along the way.

Access to unlimited weekly group meditations – 24 per month to choose from.

FREE refresher courses

Here we spend an afternoon going through the ins and outs of the meditation, refreshing ourselves as to the finer nuances of the practice, and working with people once they’ve road tested the practice for a while.

These will help deepen your practice and give you an opportunity to check in and get a massive boost forward anytime you need.

Free Refresher Courses

Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that the meditation will work for every single person who tries it, we’ll refund your money if you are not satisfied.


To qualify, it is necessary that you:

– complete the full Beginners Course in Beeja meditation, without missing any sessions

– be practising for a minimum four months consecutively

– attend at least three group meditations over the four months

– arrange a check in with Will one month after completing your course if you have any questions about your practice.

If the above are satisfied and you find at the end of four months that your life has not improved, then we will offer you a full refund on condition that you no longer use the technique.

Money Back Guarantee: Improve your life or your money back


EXCLUSIVE NEW OFFER – We are the first meditation school in Europe to offer personal training and an app to go with the training so that you can organise reminders, have a customised timer, chart your progress, get rewards for staying on your game, and connect with group meditations wherever you are.

Free App: Enjoy all the benefits of personalised teaching and aftercare, as well as all the support of a dedicated app to help you get the most from your practice.

Discount available for students

We offer a 33% student discount to all students under the age of 25 who are currently in full-time education.

You have the option to pay £98 in two monthly instalments or £196 in full.

Proof of student ID will be required when attending the first day of your course.

Discount available for students.

Your first instalment will act as your deposit and is required upon booking. The following instalments will then be due in 30 and 60 days. If you wish to clear it all in one go, this is also possible. Whatever works best for you. We’re all about making it as easy and as effortless as possible.

Have any Questions?

Call Will or the team on 0207 127 5008

(available Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm). They're always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Drop us an email at