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With staff accounting for up to 90% of operating costs, organisations like Apple, Google and Nike see tangible benefits from ensuring corporate wellbeing programs are available to their employees.

Even a single digit improvement in productivity, or a small reduction in absenteeism or presenteeism through corporate wellbeing initiatives can make a huge difference. However, in our fast-paced world, stress is becoming increasingly commonplace and burdensome. It is not just affecting individual wellbeing; it is effecting individual and collective performance and ultimately, the bottom line.

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Corporate wellbeing and the benefits of Beeja meditation


80% of workers report regularly feeling stressed.  This has hugely damaging impacts on retention, engagement, motivation, client and colleague relations, clarity, creativity, efficiency, and employee health and wellbeing.

Beeja meditation leads to an average 33% reduction in the stress hormone cortisol. This leads to a reduced frequency and intensity of stress response, helping employees feel better, and achieve more.

Employees can also benefit from corporate wellbeing initiatives by enhancing communication with their colleagues, and increased motivation to do a good job. They have greater energy levels, can think more clearly and creatively and can execute tasks with greater ease.

“Significantly faster recovery from stress.”
Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology


Beeja meditation leads to higher blood flow to the cerebral cortex and increased activity within the frontal lobes, where our ‘executive functions’ are sited. This allows us to manage information and prioritise tasks.

It also improves sleep quality and facilitates deep rest, allowing the brain to reboot and think more clearly. Greater (and more balanced) activation of the frontal lobes also leads to greater levels of happiness, positivity and wellbeing for employees.

A study from the University of Wisconsin demonstrated that when you’re consistently feeling positive, your productivity rises by 31%, you’re 40% more likely to receive a promotion and nearly 10 x more engaged at work.

“My productivity has gone up 25% since I learned. It’s extraordinary.”

Jasper, SVP, Universal


One of the most consistently notable features of undertaking Beeja meditation as part of a corporate wellbeing program, is the increase in cognitive and creative functions. This has a hugely significant impact on our lateral thinking capabilities and our ability to problem solve.

When we meditate, the pre-frontal cortex where our creative thinking takes place becomes much more active. Also, the brainwave functioning throughout our cerebral cortex begins to mirror that of peak performance (aka eureka) moments and the more we practise, the more enhanced our creative thinking becomes at all times.

“Greater fluency, flexibility and originality of creative thought.”
Journal of Creative Behaviour


As meditators, we are less disturbed by trivial thinking, and we find that we are better able to concentrate on important tasks. We also develop the capability to simultaneously process more information, allowing us to stay on-task even in the face of multiple demands.

Meanwhile, the greater brainwave coherence that is unique to this technique gives us greater access to the deep reservoirs of information that are to be found within our sub-conscious.

“People who meditate in the long-term have ‘significantly larger’ hippocampi – the part of the brain associated with memory and learning.”
The Daily Telegraph

BETTER DECISION MAKING (esp. under pressure)

When we are stressed, our field of vision narrows and our critical thinking becomes impaired. As meditators, our stress response no longer interferes. At the same time, the area of the brain that is responsible for rational thinking becomes functionally more active.

As a result, our decision making capability becomes far stronger and, in the absence of stress, we have nothing hindering our executive functions, even under pressure.

“I’m calmer, less stressed and find this new relaxed state enhances my ability to work effectively and retain information. I’ve also noticed a significant enhancement in my ability to problem solve situations.” 
Nikki, TV Producer, London


When we meditate, our regulation of oxygen becomes more optimised, resulting in a highly significant reduction in free radicals scavenging their way around our bodies. The result is less cellular decay and a better functioning immune system. The reduction of stress chemistry also results in reduced cholesterol, normalization of blood pressure and an 87% reduction in the risk of serious heart disease.

There are also notable reductions in the following stress-related disorders: anxiety, depression, ADHD, acid reflux, IBSstomach ulcers, headaches, migrainesasthmachronic pain, chronic fatigueand many more.

“Beeja meditation leads to 70% reduced days in hospital and 44% fewer visits to the doctors.”
International Journal of Neuroscience

The Proof

Thus far, there have been 6,000 peer-reviewed studies on the beneficial effects of meditation and mindfulness. There is overwhelming evidence to demonstrate that meditation has a significant positive impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of all those who learn.

1422230355_d4b9b75adfd899c2d54492614c1d721eIndeed, Harvard Business School and Europe’s leading business school, INSEAD, have determined from their extensive research that the two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.

We specialise in delivering corporate meditation training programmes that deliver the most powerful results, with measurable effects that can be quantified and presented to stakeholders & key decision makers.

“An absolute pleasure to work with you this week – I know already that the impact of your work is making my team more thoughtful about their wellbeing and taking some action to influence that.”

Head of Ringfenced Banking Transition Team, HSBC

Some Recent Reviews

Our team have taught over 3000 people in the art of meditation. Read our reviews here

In-House Guided Meditations

Regular in-house guided meditation sessions are a fantastic way to give your staff the benefits of relaxation, allowing them to return to work feeling more energised and productive. Give your staff the gift of being able to regularly and deeply relax. Lasting 30-40 minutes, these sessions can be either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Alternatively, if you’re planning a one-off event, we can also provide a guided meditation session as part of your plans.
We’re currently hosting weekly guided meditations at Spotify and other companies around London. If you’d like us to host a series for your company, please get in touch.

“The Spotify team are loving the meditation sessions – they’re calming our minds, and it sets us up for the day. We couldn’t recommend it more!”

-Claire Young, Office Manager, Spotify


In-House Meditation Courses & Talks

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    In-House Meditation Courses –  We give each staff member of the group their own customised mantra, and over three sessions, they’ll be equipped with the technique and practicalities to help them perform at their best during the working day and beyond.

    We also provide first-class aftercare – including follow up sessions and FREE access for life to our

  • weekly group meditations anytime. 

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    Free Talks – Our free talks are a great way for your staff to find out more about meditation in a relaxed and informal way.

    Running for approximately one hour, we introduce the mechanics and benefits of meditation and why it is so relevant to our 21st-century lives. There’ll also be plenty of time to ask questions.

Reporting: Monitor the effectiveness in your workplace

Benefit from our bespoke online survey that enables your company to measure the corporate wellbeing and productivity related KPIs of this training programme.

This will provide you with a thorough reporting tool so that you can quantify your Return on Investment. Experience has shown this to be very significant.