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Living the Veda

There are no two ways about it, for those with whom it resonates, it is an immeasurable delight to dive into supreme knowledge and experience the great highs of spiritual mastery, but what about integrating it into regular life?

Naturally, within each course we teach, our emphasis is on just that. We are firmly of the persuasion that there is no use having knowledge if you can’t make it productive. However, there are areas of insight which have not hitherto been covered, so in this course we aim to address the most practical questions of real-world living from the perspective of higher states of consciousness. As and when people wish to explore it, we will run courses covering such topics as:

Tuning Into Your Purpose

Enlightened Leadership

Enlightened Sexuality

Enlightened Speech

Enlightened Parenting

The Art of Celestial Perception

Pre-requisite: The pre-requisite for Living The Veda courses is the completion of The Veda Course.

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The Siddhis Course

The Siddhis Course is an incredible immersion into the cognitions of the Indian seer Maharishi Patanjali who, 2700 years ago, wrote the ‘Yoga Sutras’. This masterpiece contains the codes for harnessing all of the laws of nature to attain full mastery of one’s individual potential.

Until recent times this ancient knowledge had remained hidden in the nuanced encryptions of his writings, known only to a select few.  In the last few decades, this knowledge has re-emerged and is now available to be taught to everyone practised in the art of Beeja meditation.

Many yogis are able to quote the sutras, some verbatim, but none that we have come across know the secrets of their successful usage or the hidden sequences with which to apply them. In this course, the enigma variations that are the great master Patanjali’s finest work, are revealed and taught in a way that will itself confer mastery on those that seek it.

The first instalment: Introduction to the Siddhis will be relevant to all those who have completed The Veda course. Beyond that, this course should only be considered by those who wish to devote themselves to the highest echelons of spiritual mastery. 

This is one of the most advanced and powerful techniques available to any meditator. Only those who wish to become a master of masters need consider it.

Pre-requisites: The completion of The Veda Course.


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Initiator Training

If you are a meditator, who like me felt that sharing this knowledge is the greatest service one can offer and indeed the greatest privilege, then please feel free to contact me to discuss your participation in a future teacher training course.

The next course will be held in January 2017 in Rishikesh, India.

The pre-requisite for this course is the completion of the Exploring The Veda course and the first three instalments of Mastering the Siddhis.

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