Private Beeja Meditation Courses

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Private Beeja Meditation Courses

In most cases, we lean towards encouraging people to participate in the group courses as in this format you will benefit from the dynamic interplay of a small group learning environment. You will always have the opportunity to have a one-to-one appointment on the first day, but after that, doing it in a collegial atmosphere usually delivers optimal results.

It would be easy and natural to assume that private tutelage would be superior, in the same way that other learning formats such as yoga, pilates, tennis or learning piano are. However, the group format generally results in a richer learning experience and represents much better value.  

Of course, we do understand that some people have a strong preference for private tutelage and are happy to offer an exchange worthy of such dedicated attention.  It is important to us that there are no impediments to learning, so for those with a strong preference, we happily offer private courses to make sure that you enjoy a smooth and fulfilling trajectory on your meditative journey.

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Private Consultations

Sometimes life can be challenging, and we just don’t seem to be able to see our way through. It is times like these that a little bit of support or guidance is needed. So if you have questions regarding your practice you would rather discuss in private,  or life situations which require a bit of an outside perspective, we can find some time to help you navigate through the challenges you are facing.

Hourly rate: £120

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Fast Track Mentoring

If you feel inspired to dive deeper into the realms of knowledge and meditation techniques that are available, then we will happily tailor-make a program for you to enhance and deepen your experiences and understanding. This will ensure you can optimise the benefits of your practice and ensure a smooth and efficient transition towards higher states of consciousness.

30-minute consultation: £40

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Private Group Courses

If you are keen for lots of family and friends to learn, we can make ourselves available to travel to different parts of the world to teach on a one-off basis. Thus far we have been asked to teach courses in Paris, Brussels, Hong Kong, New York and Quito, and will happily travel to help spread this incredible knowledge around the world.

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