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Ancient knowledge for modern problems

  • Insomnia
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Narcotics
  • Chronic Pain 
  • Eating Disorders

Special techniques

Beeja meditation is the most powerful technique we know of for helping with a number of disorders and dependencies.

However, for those who want to fast-track the transition process, we are one of a very small number of teachers who have access to special techniques that can supplement your daily practice of meditation to support you in your journey.

These techniques are extremely profound and are designed to alleviate the symptoms of conditions that are governed by the hard-wiring of the brain to react, think and percieve in a certain way.

When combined with regular practice, these techniques can enable someone to dissolve the programming which is at the root of the problem.

They can also be used tactically to overcome the issue when they feel most acute.

The regular practice of Beeja meditation for at least four months is a prerequisite to learning these special techniques.

*If you wish to make significant progression within the first four months, then we wholeheartedly recommend a retreat, which is an incredibly powerful way for you to overcome your situation.



The core practice of Beeja meditation has been shown to reduce sleeping disorders by 42% and to improve sleep quality significantly. In our experience, the percentage of people experiencing relief is much higher.

However, in some cases, the improvements take some time, whether it be because of lifestyle issues or particular quirks about that person’s case history.

Whatever it may be, we have been trained in a technique you can use whenever you wake up which helps get you back to sleep in a very short timeframe. 

Find out how our special techniques can help with your sleep issues
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If you have, or have had, dependency issues with alcohol, we have a technique which you do for five minutes at the end of your meditation. This will help diminish the urges you feel to use alcohol to get through your day.

In combination with the meditation, it’s a powerful way of supporting your recovery, and it can also be used to stave off the urges when they strike. You could be in the middle of your day, and that old feeling comes back, and you feel it may overwhelm you.

All you need do is sit down for five minutes and practise this special technique, and the craving will go away.

Find out how our drink related special technique can help you overcome alcohol cravings
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Smoking is renowned for being one of the hardest addictions to give up. While 81% of people reduce their intake or quit entirely within the first two years of practice, and others give up straight away (or after having attended a retreat), some people find it takes a little while.

If you’d like to speed up your progress and save your health and your weekly fag spend, then come and learn the special technique for smoking which will help you achieve the following:

  • By bolting it onto your meditation, it will reduce your craving for cigarettes.
  • It will trigger some major detoxification of your mouth and throat, helping your revitalise your sense of taste and helping you tune into consumption patterns that are more natural to you.
  • It will give you a tactical tool to use for 3-5 minutes which will help you overcome the addictive urge to light up, whenever it comes.
Find out how our special smoking technique can help you overcome the cravings for cigarettes
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Beeja meditation is by far and away the most effective technique for anxiety, as discovered by researchers at Harvard.

But for those with whom it is really strongly ingrained, there is always the possibility to boost your recovery from the core symptoms of anxiety by doing a special technique within your meditation and for a few minutes afterwards. This will accelerate your recovery from anxiety, and it’s also a great tactical tool that can be used whenever you find yourself needlessly worrying about stuff.

Its a superb compliment to the core practice and can be undertaken when you’ve been meditating twice a day for four months.

Find out how our special anxiety technique can help you overcome your symptoms
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There are varying degrees of depression, some of which can be very severe, and some cases involve years and years of suffering.

Beeja meditation can be very powerful in reducing symptoms, and in many cases, proves to be enough to provide long-term relief.

For those who find their symptoms waning more slowly, and who would like to take more proactive action to relieve themselves of the symptoms, there is a specific technique which we can teach you. One can use it while meditating to boost the anti-depressive effects of the meditation.  And it can also serve as an ad hoc tool you can use as soon as you feel the clouds coming. It will help disperse the impending gloom and keep you more stable.

Find out how our special anti-depression technique can boost the power of your meditation to overcome your condition
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The effects of Beeja meditation on narcotics dependency, even multiple narcotic abuse, is truly profound.

But of course, the addictive urges can be so strong and ingrained that it takes time for the cumulative effects of the meditation to provide you with the highest chances of recovery (45% reduction in recidivism rates in the first 12 months, 89% reduction after 18 months).

We have techniques that are particularly good for helping relieve the need for drugs that are taken through the mouth (smoking or otherwise), and these techniques also appear to have relevancy for narcotics consumed through the nose. When combined with the meditation practice, it appears to amplify the progressive effects of your daily practice and give you a little more capability to not be consumed with cravings.

Please note that if your substance of choice does not fit into the above categories, then we thoroughly recommend you come on a retreat at the earliest opportunity.

Indeed, for those who are serious about their recovery, or have a need to address the issue in the first four months of practice, it really would be wise to get yourself on a retreat and enjoy the cleansing and detoxifying effects of a powerful weekend of meditation in the countryside.

Find out how our special narcotics techniques can help you overcome dependency
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Chronic Pain

While Beeja meditation has been shown to reduce the symptoms of pain by an average of 45-50% in the first five months, there can still be some way to go, and this of course takes time.

But chronic pain can be so distracting, that most people wish to see it off completely. To help with this, we have learned a special technique that you utilise alongside the meditation to help reduce symptoms more quickly, and also to help alleviate the pain when it flairs up.

It is incredibly useful and can be made to be even faster acting when learned in tandem with the technique we teach on retreats.

Find out how our special chronic pain technique can be used in conjunction with your meditation to overcome the pain more quickly
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Eating Disorders

There are many complex reasons why we develop eating disorders, and, in many cases, they display the hallmark of addictive tendencies and patterns which can be very difficult to break.

Naturally, the person has to want to overcome the disorder first and foremost. And having taken that decisive first step, a very strong option is to learn Beeja meditation.

Thereafter, to catalyse greater progression and to help alleviate those strong desires to resort back to the old patterning, we have a range of special techniques which we can apply to each individual to help them achieve a sustained recovery from their particular disorder.

Find out how our special eating disorder techniques can help you.

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