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Group meditations

Group meditations, as some of you already know, are a great opportunity to check in and ask all the recent questions that have arisen for you. They are really informative sessions where you get to meet your fellow meditators (who are a very cool bunch incidentally!) and benefit from their questions and shared experiences also. 

We offer tips for fine-tuning your practice, iron out any kinks and re-boot your week.

Meditating in a group certainly has a different dynamic, and many people report that they enjoy a deeper meditative experience.

Washed down with a lovely cup of Pukka, you’ll leave the session confident, chilled and radiating from the enhanced collective experience.


Where and when?

We run weekly group meditations:

Tuesday 6.00 pm in Shoreditch

Wednesday  12.15 – 13.15 pm in Shoreditch 

Thursday  6.15 pm in Shoreditch 

Please always book the group meds in the Meditators Area to be updated on dates and times for each week.

For our advanced meditators, we run monthly Rounding brunches and Advanced group meditations.

We also regularly run two awesome music and meditation events:  The Gathering and Shavasana Disco which are open to everyone. The perfect opportunity to experience the heightened sensory perception after a guided group meditation.  They are definitely worth checking out!



The space

The meditation space is a large light-filled room with fab views over Hoxton Square.  We spent many months waiting for the right space to come available that is so central, yet is peaceful, relaxing and quiet.

Lined with comfy sofas and tea always on tap, it’s a fabulous space to meditate in. We love it here.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! It is FREE for life and open to all those who have learned Beeja meditation with us, with another teacher or who have learned TM.

Host a group meditation

Should you ever fancy hosting a group meditation, then please do get in touch.  These are a great thing to do if you do not live in the area or cannot attend the scheduled meetings.

There are little pockets of home-hosted group meditations popping up all over London and outside.

Find out more at our dedicated Meditators Area
Go to our Meditators Area

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