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As I approach my one year anniversary of Vedic meditation practice with Beeja, wanted to take a moment and send my heartfelt appreciation to you and the team. The calmness that continues to evolve within my central nervous system is something I have never experienced in my lifetime, and I attribute it solely to regular and consistent meditation practise under your tutelage. Amongst other qualities, this calmness fosters better sleep, a balanced demeanour and a dramatically enhanced ability to be present in each and every moment. Truly a changed human. I tip my hat to you and the team.

I completed the beginner course online with Will earlier this month and have already experienced dramatic, positive changes as a result. The major one for me was how easily I reached the decision to quit my corporate job (and change career entirely) when in discussions about my return to work, following extended leave due to mental illness. Previously I wouldn't have been able to manage giving up the steady income and the familiar, even though I knew the job wasn't doing me any good. This practice helped me identify the need for change and find the confidence to take a risk, trust myself and build a business in line with my strengths and purpose. There have been some other serious bonuses I didn't expect, including: - My skin has cleared up.. I have suffered from severe adult acne for nearly 10 years (and spent thousands on laser and products). Nothing kicked it, however after a few short weeks of this practice, my skin has drastically improved. I am stunned, thrilled and grateful. - My focus and clarity of thinking have been restored in the absence of constant anxiety. Both my creativity and intuition are back online too since I have 'reconnected' with myself. - I have so much more patience and resilience to deal with both the big and small things that happen in every day life. I have gone from feeling that life is hard and I can't cope to feeling excited about the future and able to tackle the challenges. I can't recommend this practice enough, it really is something special and now that I have it, it's there for good. Even if you aren't coming from a 'low' place but could use a boost in energy, productivity, clarity (or whatever it is you need) it can definitely help. Sincere thanks to Beeja for this gift

I have noticed numerous benefits from meditation. I was struggling to sleep, I now sleep significantly better!

I feel much calmer and ready to engage with the world in a more productive manner. Every morning it sets me up nicely for the day.

We asked our students how meditation has helped them...

The meditation technique has taught me to decompress. People tell me I am much calmer. It's a practical tool to use anywhere, anytime.

Although I was really sceptical I am so glad I started meditating. It has changed so much about my life.

I've seen my whole life change. Anxiety disappeared. Meditation got me back to my real world.

I started meditation because life was hectic. I'm more in harmony with myself and the people around me

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