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I have noticed numerous benefits from meditation. I was struggling to sleep, I now sleep significantly better!

I feel much calmer and ready to engage with the world in a more productive manner. Every morning it sets me up nicely for the day.

The meditation technique has taught me to decompress. People tell me I am much calmer. It's a practical tool to use anywhere, anytime.

Although I was really sceptical I am so glad I started meditating. It has changed so much about my life.

We asked our students how meditation has helped them...

I've seen my whole life change. Anxiety disappeared. Meditation got me back to my real world.

I started meditation because life was hectic. I'm more in harmony with myself and the people around me

Beeja is simple and effective and applicable to modern life. It has made me a better person.

Vedic meditation has literally opened me up to the world. I always struggled to see the benefits of meditation but for me this technique is so simple to do yet even within just 2 months the impact for me has been both deep and profound. I am calmer, less stressed, less anxious, more confident and I feel relationships with family, friends and colleagues have been transformed. I had been feeling a bit stuck in life for a long time and I feel that by clearing out the white noise of stress and anxiety in my head has made space for me to face up to things that have been keeping me stuck for years. Whilst it’s not always easy to face up to your demons I really do feel like I am on a life transforming path. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about trying this technique to give it a go.

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