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I am quite an extroverted person, but found the concept of meditation quite intimidating and a bit nerve-wracking. Having the private session with Jess immediately made me comfortable and eager to start the meditation course. It is incredible to see first-hand how many people feel just as you do... everyone has things they are dealing with behind closed doors and it was refreshing to be surrounded by others who want to help conquer their demons through meditation and grow in their spirituality.

As someone who juggles too many balls and drops some, meditation has been gently suggested to me a number of times but I ignored it; till it got desperate and I did Will's introductory course. Suddenly I was given very practical help with mediation explained in a scientific way and with great kindness, I was converted. I recently did a weekend retreat which explores the world more and the benefits have been huge. Yes it’s hard to maintain the routine but the positive effect when I do is huge. What also helps is the support that Will and his team constantly give. I’d really strongly recommend you try it.





I came to Will Williams Meditation to alleviate severe anxiety and stress, which had caused an illness that turned my life upside down. I have been meditating for 2 months using this technique and have turned my life back to where it should be. I feel calm, happy and in control, as I never have before. In fact, I'm grateful I was ill, otherwise I might never have discovered this practice. Will and Jess are kind and radiant beings. They care. They run group meditations for anyone who has been on a course, so there's continued support if you want it. Coming to Will Williams Meditation was one of the best choices I have ever made.

I'm really happy for having done the course. I do meditations as Will recommended, and the results have been amazing. I can’t believe how well I’m sleeping now, I never slept so deeply before. Also, my levels of positivity have increased enormously. Another really funny thing, I love ‘the smiths’, I’ve been listening to that group for maybe 30 years? I thought I knew every single note and sound like the palm of my hand…but no! I promised I experienced what Will mentioned about music in the course...there are chords that I never, ever had heard before…it's incredible!




We asked our students how meditation has helped them...

I was always curious how to meditate. How to do it properly. I put off trying until I came along to Will Williams group introductory workshop where I enrolled in the three day course for my birthday. I loved the in depth explanation and the clear and simple instruction. It all made real sense and any questions were expertly answered in a beautifully relaxed atmosphere. I now meditate using this knowledge, feeling confident that I'm doing it right which gives me huge incentive to continue twice a day and it excites me knowing the more I practice the more benefits accumulate and the more then that I feel a peace of mind that sees me through the day.



This course gave me my first experience of meditative euphoria, and the prospect of this narcotic-free ecstasy made it easy to come back to. After my third session and a week of 20 minute morning sessions my energy levels have peaked in the day and any insomnia issues have been sorted. Im looking forward to the long term benefits of increased concentration and apparently elimination of social phobias.



I did the course a few weeks ago and since then I almost feel like a new person: I don't longer need caffeine in the morning to wake up or during the day to cheer up or gain more energy; I feel more calm, enough to deal better with difficult situations that I used to struggle with. This course was recommended to me by a friend saying:"You'll be surprised how much a little and easy thing can make best of your day and your life."...and with these very words I already persuaded two of my friends to go and see Will. Magic is believing after all. I'll try to get all the best from Will and his staff , going to their very powerful group meditation sessions, until I get to go to their retreats in Sussex which are the best of the best. What else can I say? Will, Annalisa, Stephanie and Liam are fantastic...they will enchant you only using positive energy and honest words, showing you a better view to this world with open and closed eyes, showing you that you are much stronger than what you think you are, Physically and mentally. Best money ever spent.


Learning Vedic Meditation has felt very natural to apply into my every day life, and has very quickly become instinctive to do. The simplicity of what Will and his team gracefully teach is effortless to practice and make your own. The changes I’ve noticed since learning Vedic Meditation have played such a huge role in how I choose to develop each day, how I reflect and build upon myself and the world around me. The depth and possibilities are endless. Learning from the best, Will and his team have extensive knowledge and experience on VM and will guide you through this journey with A* support. Vedic Meditation has become an important, invaluable tool for helping me see life in full technicolour, I highly recommend getting involved and joining the party!



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