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So happy to have found WWM. Such an awesome technique taught, and I've learnt others and tons else on the weekend retreat and Veda course so far. So much great, personalised aftercare from the organisation. As someone who's pretty skeptical I actually really believe this is 'working'. And I'm very excited about where it will take me. Feel like the cobwebs are being blown away and the future will be very cool... Thanks Team WWM! X



I never thought I could meditate until I was introduced to Will Williams meditation. The three day course gave me more than I was expecting and has made a positive difference to my life. I have found the continued support following the course such a huge help and also allows me to further my understanding of Vedic meditation. Will's a fantastic teacher and I cannot recommend his course more highly.


Every coach and mentor I’ve ever had has told me that I should meditate.  As in: “you should meditate. Now go and do it.” And that left me in the dark a little bit. Being a coach myself, the smart thing to do was to seek out the advice of an expert. And I found Will. After a couple of hours in Will’s company, I not only knew how to meditate, I was also aware of myriad of benefits to meditation, so much so that I knew I was sold on it for life. That was over a year ago and I’m still going strong, at least 6 days a week. Will’s approach manages to blend the spiritual with the scientific, the physical with the mental, the relaxation with the focus.  All with complete real world application to Western Life in the 21st Century. As a Dad and the owner of a young business, the approach had to be realistic if it was going to work. If you can’t tell by now, I HIGHLY recommend that you come and learn from Will.





Rarely you come across a teacher who is not only a master at what they teach but they can hold the journey of everyone in the room with such sensitivity and grace. I feel very blessed to call Will Williams my teacher and guide and to have been introduced to the authentic Vedic tradition by someone who deeply understands and respects its power and intent and who has such care for his students.


We asked our students how meditation has helped them...

I was in such a state when I learned a year ago. I couldn't sleep, I had terrible anxiety, and my depression was quite literally killing me. I am happy to say that meditation has quite literally changed my life. I remember at the time I learned Will mentioned that within 4 months I would start seeing things differently and make life changing decisions. Within 2 months I made three of the best and most significant decisions I have ever made. I have since had the most fantastic year of my life! My creativity and productivity has increased tenfold, my mind is sharper and the anxiety, depression and insomnia have completely gone. Going from reliance on sleeping pills and only getting 20 minutes sleep a night to sleeping 9 hours straight through is just extraordinary. I am so excited for the journey ahead and I cant wait to see what happens next! Thank you for your kindness, compassion and teaching, you are an inspiration to us all.



When I first booked the beginners meditation course I was very excited and curious about what this new tool could offer me, so you could say I had high expectations. Well, it blew any expectations I had out of the water! I am not only talking about Vedic meditation but the aftercare and future opportunity that WWM offers. It is literally indescribable how much this can grow you as a person and where it can take you. I felt the effects of the mantra very quickly; in terms of the more obvious physical signs and behavioural changes. Physically, I noticed the tingling at the front of my forehead, a big energy boost and my heightened senses. The biggest change I have noticed (and others) behaviourally is that I am beginning to come out of my self-more and gaining a natural confidence in me and where I am going with my life. I also want to focus on what Will Williams Meditation offers you once you have learned Vedic meditation. You become part of a lifelong support group which should not be underestimated. One example is the group meditations, you can go as often or as little as you want, ask questions, hear others experiences, meet new people and have a powerful meditation session (this is particularly helpful if you have fallen off track with your meditation habit). Even if you cannot make the group meditation, WWM is there to support you at any times with any questions or queries you may have. Will is extremely busy but he is always there when needed. One more thing I would like to say in this review (I could keep going) is the endless opportunity to grow. You can learn the Vedic meditation and if you stick to it, it will 100% improve your life. However, if you are like me and want to know and learn more, WWM will certainly not let you down. There is a chance to gain more tools, knowledge and wisdom. This can lead you down a path which you may have never even knew was possible... For me, learning Vedic meditation was just the beginning of a very exciting journey I am embarking on. I cannot put into words (unfortunately) how much I would recommend WWM. If you are a bit sceptical I would very much recommend seeing what all the fuss is about! It's a game changer and you will certainly not be let down. A massive thank you to WWM!! I have no doubt that this will keep growing and have a huge and positive impact on our world.






I have been meditating every day for the last 6 months and absolutely love it. It has vastly improved my relationship and way of thinking. I worry less about trivial things and have a lot more energy. I was fascinated with Will's knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have never looked back and would highly recommend to any one.



Have now done the meditation course, the retreat and Veda1. I am blown away by it all. Jess and Will are absolutely amazing..the meditation technique is easy and very effective, the retreat just outstanding and exploring the vedas after doing the 1st one very very enlightening and promising. Will shares all his knowledge and wisdom generously and makes all the knowledge and wisdom from the ancient masters available in accessible easy to digest bite size chunks. 2 statements stick in my head Jess in her intro chat "it's good up top here" pointing to her head and Will on the meditation course "this shit works!" I am really pleased I took the step to start this journey and after a short time am feeling really good about it all= It's good up top here! I recommend these guys whole heartedly to anyone looking to start their journey of awareness and consciousness, with an open mind. I have total trust and faith in Will and Jess. Enjoy the mega journey.




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