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Meditation and natural remedies for allergies

Summary: An easy way to alleviate allergies

  • Allergies are often the result of a compromised immune system that is mistaking a nutritious compound.
  • Beeja meditation is an easy way to bring the immune system back into balance and treat allergies naturally.

Is your life blighted by allergies?

Allergies are generally the result of a compromised immune system that is mistaking a nutritious compound (such as nuts or shellfish) as a dangerous foreign agent which needs to be attacked and neutralised.  This generates an automated response programme within us which means that every time the body detects that compound in the future, we default to treating it as a pernicious pathogen and exterminate it.  The result is a hypersensitivity to anything containing this compound.

Meditation serves to bring balance to the immune system and as a result, our body’s natural creative intelligence can begin to discriminate once more the difference between infectious agent and harmless compound. This makes meditation one of the only effective natural allergy remedies.

This is because, under the stress response, our innate immune system tends to kick in and take primacy over our adaptive immune response.  Instead of the adaptive immune function being allowed to take its time and discern if the agent in question is dangerous or not, the hyperactively aroused innate immune system goes into emergency mode and starts cataloguing certain compounds as perpetrators and shooting on site.  Having set a precedent, the distortion becomes embedded.

What makes Beeja meditation better than other natural allergy remedies?

When we meditate, not only do we bring balance to the immune system response, the neuronal programming which has been set to trigger the allergic reaction will begin to unwind in favour of a balanced, neutral response, and our previous allergies will trouble us less and less.

Obviously, if the allergy is serious, we will want to take the relevant tests before dipping our toes back in the water!

I used to have so many food intolerances it was unbearable at times, but within months of learning with Will and Jess these became less and less and my hyperglycaemia, which was also such a big problem for me, has almost completely disappeared.

Kim, IT Manager, Worthing

Find out how Beeja meditation can help with allergies

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