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Summary: stress makes dealing with asthma difficult

  • The stress and strain of 21st-century life can be enough to trigger an asthma attack and make it worse when it strikes.
  • As a natural asthma treatment, Beeja meditation helps us beat stress and balance the body and mind, making us less susceptible to asthma attacks.

Is your asthma exacerbated by stress?

Stress and anxiety often play a significant role in triggering asthma attacks as well as exacerbating the intensity of asthmatic episodes.

Such feelings are also likely to have played a significant role in generating an automated hyperactive inflammatory response, which is responsible for the swelling we experience when the issue is acute.

How does Beeja meditation help in coping with asthma?

By reducing sensitivity to the stress response, Beeja meditators consistently find that they are less susceptible to asthma attacks. It seems there is both decreased triggering and, with time, an unwinding of the underlying issues governing the condition.

We also tend to experience decreased airway resistance, which ensures more comfortable breathing during times of stress and in our regular lives.

In addition, Beeja meditation helps detoxify our cells of many environmental pollutants, which may be a causal factor or aggravator of this condition.

It also helps support our immune system, so it can respond more appropriately to indoor allergens and is less hyperactive in its inflammatory response.

Smoking is another key aggravator of respiratory conditions, and, unfortunately, it is a habit that people find hard to overcome. Meditation makes it much easier to free ourselves from addictive habits and quite often creates a spontaneous movement away from activities such as smoking.

While we move in the direction of being free from respiratory disorders, Beeja meditation helps in coping with asthma, offering us an invaluable tactical tool to off-set attacks before they take hold.

In the medium to long-term, our probability of occurrence dramatically reduces. This is illustrated beautifully by an extensive study comparing the medical care required for 2,000 meditators versus 600,000 non-meditators.

Over five years the study revealed that meditation using personalised mantras reduces the risk of respiratory disorders in those over 40 by 73%, dealing with asthma before it became an issue.

For those who wish to learn and who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma: we also offer some short breathing exercises to be done in tandem with the meditation to help alleviate symptoms even more quickly.

I am on a truly beautiful and empowering healing journey. One of the ingredients that was missing for so long was knowing how to really listen to my body and how to be kind to it. THIS is what Beeja meditation has taught me and that, my friends, is the cherry on top of the cake!


Find out how Beeja meditation can help with asthma

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