Meditation: a natural cure for headaches

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How to get rid of a headache naturally

  • Headaches are often the result of bodily tension, which is our body’s way of telling us that rest is required.
  • Beeja meditation is a highly effective headache treatment, dramatically reducing stress and tension in the body.


The problem: debilitating pain

Headaches are often a result of bodily tension, which sends distress signals to the mind in order to highlight an unsustainable situation. It’s our body’s way of telling us that rest is required in order for repair to take place.


I was just a humble plumber with no desire for spirituality or religion. I DID, however, suffer regular headaches and migraines and I've always been a terrible sleeper. I was sceptical. I've had my mantra now for almost a year and I still haven't had a headache and I sleep like a baby.

Dan, Plumber, Reading

How does Beeja meditation help with headaches naturally?

We are pleased to say that Beeja meditation has a positive impact on headaches. It helps you to relax at such a profound level, all of the tension in your body begins to melt away, and the nervous system calms down as an immediate result.

We find ourselves experiencing fewer headaches as we carry this ease into our day, making it an efficient headache treatment without painkillers.

What's the proof?

A recent study showed that after five months of meditating using this technique, the meditators’ pain response decreased by 45-50% compared with controls.

Other studies have found significant reductions in headaches and backaches, making it a great way to treat the pain without medicine.

Within a few minutes of repeating your personalised mantra, your body is resting 33% deeper than the deepest point in sleep. It’s a level of relaxation that is not available to us in any other way.

Indeed, this type of meditation produces physiological and biochemical changes that are at least 200% stronger than eyes-closed rest.




Find out how Beeja meditation helps with headache treatment

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