Natural exercise for Osteoporosis through meditation

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Summary: prevent osteoporosis through Beeja meditation

  • Stress disrupts the normal procedures that keep our bones healthy.

  • Beeja meditation reduces stress and helps us live happier, healthier lives, forming one of the most effective treatments for Osteoporosis.

The problem: do you suffer from osteoporosis?

Most of us tend to think of our bones as fairly benign and boring, inanimate aspects of our skeletal structure. In truth, they are dynamic outposts of activity.

They contain various cells, enzymes and blood vessels, all working to break down old bone, reform new bone and shuttle in calcium from the bloodstream. The central warehousing of calcium is critical in supporting the flow of this vital mineral to and from other organs.

And, of course, the solid structure of our skeletal form allows our body to maintain optimal activity within the world, and critically, the flux and flow of old and new allows the bone structure to change and reshape in response to long-term need.

However, stress is a majorly disruptive influence in these important processes. Stress hormones cause havoc with the distribution of calcium and bias the bones towards greater disintegration, rather than growth.

They also block the dietary uptake of calcium in the intestines and induce the release of too much calcium in the kidneys. So no matter how many calcium supplements you might be taking, they may not get through to where they’re most needed. Eventually, our bone density will decrease, and our bones will soften and weaken.

This is osteoporosis.

It doesn’t matter if the stress has been induced by lots of physical exercise, or due to psychological stress, the results are the same. And treatments for osteoporosis don’t always take these stresses into account.

How can Beeja meditation help to prevent osteoporosis?

Meditation ensures that our base levels of the stress hormones are considerably lower, allowing the growth-disintegration dynamic of bone tissue processes to remain more in balance.

Meditation also strengthens our digestive organs with greater blood flow, allowing the liver to metabolise calcium and for greater absorption by all the organs including the kidneys and intestines.

Meditation is already tailored to be the perfect exercise for osteoporosis. As a result our organs are healthier and our bones are stronger.

Find out how Beeja meditation works to help Osteoporosis

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