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Summary: Imagine, create, inspire…

  • The pace of modern living stresses our nervous systems and makes it harder for ideas to form.
  • Beeja meditation calms the mind, body and nervous system and helps creative solutions naturally arise.

Living creatively

Not everyone thinks of themselves as a creative person. But, even if we’ve never written a poem or painted a picture in our lives, all of us need to be creative in finding different ways of doing things as both we, and life, evolve.

We all have our moments of course, and some of us find it easier to be creative than others, but trying to maintain consistent creative flow is incredibly challenging.

The chronic stimulation of our everyday world does not help. The more noise there is within our nervous system, the more fragmented our ideas become.

Its also more difficult when we don’t feel completely in touch with who we are, which is a common trait among people of all walks of life who are constantly trying to meet the demands of modern living. It’s also the same for artists and creatives who are under pressure to meet deadlines, or under strain to meet all of their financial commitments. The essential parts of the creative brain begin shutting down, and we start to lose touch with who we really are – that place within us which is beyond ego and is merely a pure, expressive essence.

Likewise, conceptual thinking is considerably easier when we possess a relaxed nervous system. But maintaining such a carefree and relaxed state is becoming ever more challenging as life speeds up.

“The impact of fear is a loss of creativity.”


How does Beeja meditation help?

Beeja meditation helps to settle our mind, body and nervous systems into their least excited states. It is from this deeper field of being that we find ourselves accessing creative flow at its deepest and most profound level.

When we experience alpha functioning at a localised level – as we sometimes do when we are relaxed or within nature – we find our mind synchronising into highly coherent patterns of slow wave alpha and sometimes even high-level theta functioning. This is when we can sometimes feel that sensation of ‘flow.’

When we’re doing Beeja meditation, that powerful state of alpha functioning begins to spread across the entire surface of our brain. This is what is known as ‘peak performance’ or in common parlance, the ‘eureka’ moment, where a great idea simply pops into your awareness, and you find yourself in a huge wave of inspirational flow.

Studies reveal that when we start working with the particular set of mantras we teach, our brainwave patterning starts going into this state every time we practise, and this gradually becomes our naturally functioning state, allowing us to have a much more consistent, and much higher level of creative flow.

Simultaneous to this, our pre-frontal cortex, which is home to so much of our creative thinking, also becomes much more activated and starts to grow thicker when we practise meditation regularly. This makes it easier for us to access the creative field and leads us to more prolific creative output. It also provides a platform for greater longevity of creative outflow.

Another exciting aspect of this process of going deep is that there can often be a greater resonance to our work with others. The deeper our point of access to the creative flow, the more significant our ideas can be, within a culture, across cultures and generations. It seems to speak to something deeper and more universal within the core of each of us. It is as if our output contains a kernel of something pure, truthful and enlivening.

At the same time, there is a freedom of expression beyond the constraints of our conditioned minds. Conventional wisdom no longer constrains us, nor do we find ourselves fighting it. We are aware of the forces that are shaping our world, but we are not subject to them or limited by them. If anything, we wish to articulate them in meaningful ways.

What results is a greater fluency, greater flexibility, and greater originality of creative thought. Inspiration flows, within and without.

And if we have to present our ideas to others, we find ourselves free of the grip of anxiety when we meditate on a regular basis. We are secure within ourselves and our work, and able to communicate our ideas more effectively.

In short, we become even more in tune with who we are, and we find ever more inspiring and original ways to express it.

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