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Summary: imagine, create, inspire

  • The pace of modern living stresses our nervous systems and makes it harder for us to think ‘outside the box.’

  • Beeja meditation makes us more resilient to stress and initiates much greater neuronal coherence, giving us access to ‘blue sky’ ideation that may have previously escaped us.

The problem: living creatively

Life is not only full of challenges, but it is also full of lots of well worn ‘solutions’.

There is an apparent way of doing things. And less understood, but much more influential than this; there is an ingrained way of thinking that underpins so much of the doing.

Without even being aware of it, cultural paradigms limit our ability to see beyond the ordinary way of doing things. The tricky aspect of these paradigms is that you can’t see beyond the limitations. They represent the extent of your horizons, and so all conscious thought takes place within these boundaries.

But as Albert Einstein once said, “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

What is needed, in many cases, is to look beyond the boundaries of our ingrained patterns of thinking, and find new solutions to new problems, and indeed old ones that haven’t been satisfactorily dealt with by more standard responses.

In addition, there is also the issue of peer pressure. Even when someone within a group is thinking ‘outside the box’, it may be that the groupthink mentality is so strong, that person may not feel confident enough to voice their ideas. Or, if they do, they’ll do it timidly, preventing the idea from taking full flight. And of course, there may be resistance to the idea from others who want to ‘play it safe.’

As a result, lateral thinking often gets crowded out, and mediocrity wins over innovation. This mediocre output is merely dressing up old ideas.

But in a world of challenges, many of which are significant, what we really need is to be able to think laterally and clearly and come up with completely new ways of doing things.

How can Beeja meditation help?

One of the unique qualities of Beeja meditation is its ability to help us access our sub-conscious and to tune us into an intelligence which is much broader in scope than our conscious awareness.

By putting ourselves into ‘the zone’ on a regular basis, we begin to develop a capability to see beyond the minutiae of life and beyond the boundaries that we have built for ourselves, as people, families and societies.

The result of all this is that we begin to consider ideas and propositions that are beyond our cultural norms.

Of equal importance though, is the tendency of this meditation to free the sub-conscious from the bonds that prevent us from following this pathway of creative thought to its natural and fully formed conclusion. This is essential in giving us the freedom to work with really innovative ideas.

At a conscious level, our pre-frontal cortex – an essential agent of our creative thinking – becomes much more activated, and so we find both consciously and sub-consciously we are in a much more refined state to genuinely think of new ways of doing things

In addition, the high levels of brain state coherence facilitate a level of peak functioning that we associate with ‘eureka’ moments, where the light bulb goes off, and great ideas seem to present themselves fully formed in your awareness.

In the Beeja understanding, it is merely a product of your nervous system being attuned enough to pick up the ideas and energy floating in the unified field of consciousness, much like a radio picks up the radio waves that are floating through the air.

Importantly, Beeja meditation also boosts your confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to express your ideas with conviction, and lead people with your vision.

The greater brain coherence also helps you to articulate your ideas better, allowing you to be better understood.

It also helps you become more adaptable to new ideas from other quarters, which is essential when collaborating on projects, and this often tends to find itself reciprocated when it comes to ideas that have come through you.

Overall, Beeja meditation has been shown to enhance creativity more than any other cognitive quality, and one of its stand out features is the significant positive impact on originality of thought.

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