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Summary: confidence and self-esteem...

  • Everyone needs to love and respect themselves to be truly happy – and yet all too many of us lack self-esteem.
  • Beeja meditation balances the nervous system and allows it break the regressive patterning that has held us back for so long.
  • We find ourselves less shackled by a lack of belief in ourselves and by the fear of the unknown.
  • We feel more courageous and more spontaneous with a sense of freedom and liberation.

The thing with meditation is you become more and more you.

David Lynch, Film Director

Self esteem - the key to happiness

According to the famed psychologist Abraham Maslow, psychological health is not possible unless the essential core of the person is fundamentally accepted, loved and respected by others and by him or herself.

Self-esteem allows people to face life with more confidence, benevolence and optimism, and thus easily reach their goals. To develop self-esteem is to increase our capacity to be happy and at ease.

The problem, of course, is that feelings of unworthiness are very, very common.

Our life experiences shape the favourable or unfavourable attitudes and feelings we have towards ourselves. In our early years, our parents and older siblings have the greatest impact on our sense of self-esteem. Later, our ability to perform well academically also feeds into this.

All of these impressions linger within the nervous system. If the majority of our experiences have been negative we will tend to be critical of ourselves and hypersensitive to criticism from others. We will be defensive and indecisive. We will be perfectionists, eager to please and likely to dwell on past mistakes.

This ingrained patterning then filters all of our perceptions of ourselves. Chronic self-esteem issues limit our capacity for happiness  – even if we have managed to hide them well by developing a facade of false confidence that masks our inner dissatisfaction.

I was very low on confidence and there has been a saddening lack of joy in my life for too long. I didn't really understand how Beeja meditation could help with these things when other techniques and therapies have failed, but I didn't really know what else to try. This has given me a new lease of life and I find myself going to bed with a smile on my face and then waking up feeling inspired by life again and I literally can't wait for the day ahead. My friend did it with me and she is glowing in a way I haven't seen for a long, long time!

Juanita, Consultant, Seville

How can Beeja meditation help?

Beeja meditation works by balancing out the nervous system and allowing it to rest at such a profound level that it can begin to break the regressive patterning that has held us back for so long.

As time passes, we become more and more cleansed of all the negative impressions that have accumulated in our lives. We become attuned to all of our inner resources, and we begin to find them effortlessly flowing out, much to our satisfaction.

It is a happy by-product of meditation that we think more and more clearly, perform better and have more energy. We, therefore, find ourselves consistently performing at our best – at home, at work and play.

We also start to see and feel who we really are and begin to act from this place of truth. Confidence and self-esteem no longer depend on the approval of the outside world but are a natural by-product of feeling at ease and in touch with our true self.

We radiate a new sense of calmness and serenity and, when those around us notice it, we feel elevated.

Meanwhile, those thought patterns that previously held us back begin to diminish as our nervous system becomes cleansed of all the negative impressions that have accumulated in our lives.  We find ourselves less shackled by disbelief in ourselves and by fear of the unknown. We have the growing confidence to make decisions and follow the intuition that is growing stronger within us.

As a result, we feel more courageous and more spontaneous, with a sense of freedom and liberation in letting our inner being shine.

We are less likely to find ourselves in situations that make us uncomfortable.  We become more graceful and more dexterous in our interactions with others. If in the past we have found ourselves to be lacking assertiveness, then soon we find ourselves looking people in the eye and asserting our preference politely and with grace.



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