Meditation: a natural snoring remedy

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Summary: snoring is no joke

  • People who snore can find themselves at greater risk of heart attacks, strokes…and divorce.
  • Beeja meditation restores our breathing patterns to a more natural rhythm and functioning and allows us to breathe easily and efficiently for the first time in years.

Does your snoring effect your sleep and that of others?

Snoring is the vibrational outcome of obstructed air movement when we’re sleeping. It can arise from numerous factors, including:

  • Tiredness and fatigue.
  • Alcohol, medications or recreational drugs, which over-relax the throat muscles.
  • Tension in the jaw brought about by stress, causing unnatural positioning of the jawbone.
  • Fat gathering in and around the throat.
  • Obstruction of the nasal passageways.

The idea of snoring may cause a titter among outside observers, but it is no joke for the person snoring, nor, indeed, their partners.

For the snorer, it can lead to reduced quality and quantity of sleep, which in turn can lead to irritability, drowsiness, a lack of focus and a loss of libido in a waking state.

Long term, the BBC has cited numerous studies demonstrating that snorers become much more predisposed towards heart attacks, strokes and divorce.

In their partners, there is chronic sleep deprivation, often leading to the emotional deprivation of loss of physical contact brought on by separate sleeping arrangements.

In short, snoring puts a considerable strain on the health and wellbeing of both parties.

How does Beeja meditation help?

Meditation works at numerous levels to restore balance and diminish the frequency and intensity of snoring episodes to more harmonious levels.

Firstly, when we meditate, one of the first things to be released is all the stored up tiredness and fatigue in our systems.

Secondly, we have our own daily relaxant that gives us everything we need and allows us to stop using drink, drugs and medications in this way.

Thirdly, by washing away our stress, meditation releases the tension in our jaw and all of our muscles so that the jaw positions itself in an unobtrusive way during our nocturnal slumbers.

Fourthly, by balancing our stress hormone release, our fat cells become less insulin resistant and don’t engorge so much meaning we are less likely to find ourselves with excess fat deposits around our throat area.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, our modern way of living has caused us all to develop very poor respiratory conditioning which compromises the way we breathe and leads to a much greater likelihood of snoring as well as poor delivery of oxygen to all of our cells and tissues.

Meditation restores our breathing patterns to a much more natural rhythm and functioning and allows us to breathe easily and efficiently for the first time in years.

And if for any reason the snoring is a result of some inherent structural biology that cannot be fixed by any of the above, then meditation will still help compensate for the possible sleep deprivation of the snorer and his or her family members!


Find out how Beeja meditation can help with snoring

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