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Summary: An easy way to be mindful...

  • Modern life makes it hard for us to find the time to live truly in the present moment.  But Beeja meditation helps us develop our awareness, and enjoy each day to the full.
  • Beeja meditation is four times more effective at delivering present-moment awareness than any other technique, including Zen and Vipassana.


The problem: Lack of awareness

One of the great issues in our world is the lack of awareness with which we live.

People are so caught up in the dramas and details of life that they lose sight of the present moment. Too many are unable to enjoy and appreciate life on the simplest of levels, always looking to the future or revisiting the past for a sense of identity and enjoyment.

This detachment from the present moment makes us less in charge of our emotions. Our actions become clouded by accumulated negative programming. We soon find ourselves being less rational, less productive and less tuned in to the real needs of the moment.

But being mindful can help change that.

Mindfulness is a state of mental awareness that enables us to be more present in our everyday lives. By developing mindfulness, we counteract the less inspiring influences of 21st-century living, so that we can effortlessly enjoy each day and experience.

There are numerous ways you can achieve a more mindful way of being. You can use simple breathing techniques, or you can monitor your thoughts, feelings and emotions. But by far the most effective method is Beeja meditation.

The best and more powerful things in life are simple…and simple is the word that comes to my mind when Will shared with us his Beeja meditation knowledge and wisdom...this has been a life changing experience that allows me to be present in the moment.

Vladi, CEO, Ecuador

How can Beeja meditation help?

Beeja meditation gives our mind and body space to re-boot and re-balance. When we come out of meditation, our bodies are refreshed, and our minds are clear. We can engage with those around us without being distracted by the constant whirring of our thoughts.

Our emotional perception becomes far more acute, and we develop greater awareness of others’ needs as well as our own. Our heightened sense of awareness and perceptual capabilities allow us to engage with, and appreciate the beauty of, the present moment.

Even if you’ve tried Mindfulness before and it didn’t work for you, Beeja meditation may well be the technique for you.

Will for Ismail

“I’ve tried so many things, including Mindfulness, but have never been able to stop the thoughts invading my mind. This is the first time I’ve been able to experience no thought in my whole entire life.” Ismail, Entrepreneur, London

Most mindful methodologies require a considerable level of effort and concentration. If you’re out in the wilderness or a retreat-style environment, they can be effective. But when you’re back in the city where life is busy and demanding, these effort-based techniques can be a lot more challenging.

While meditating, in your deepest, most restful state, your mind, body and nervous system will start letting go of all the noise and stimulation that usually distract you. Instead of being clouded with internal noise, you effortlessly find yourself tuning in to all of the richness that surrounds you.

Beeja meditation makes use of a personalised mantra to help you effortlessly bypass the busy mind. Making use of a technique that does the hard work for you makes it easier to practise and much easier to sustain.

A sense of joy and appreciation begins to permeate your everyday life.


What's the proof?

Dejana Williams looking radiant after another session of meditation in Lodnon

“I’ve been a spiritual seeker for many years, and although everything I tried made a difference, it is Beeja meditation that caused the most profound shift in my life- at all levels and in a very short amount of time.” Dejana, Life Coach, London

In a meta-analysis of 43 studies measuring present moment awareness, conducted by Harvard Researcher Charles Alexander, it was found that those who practised Beeja meditation had four times more present moment orientation than those practising other techniques, including those practising Zen, Vipassana and Mindfulness.

We have taught many dozens of people who have previously attended Mindfulness courses, and all have reported Beeja meditation to be easier and more enjoyable to do. These results have been replicated in a recent three-month, randomised control trial, which found that people practising this type of meditation reported significantly greater increases in mindfulness than the control subjects.



Find out how Beeja meditation can help to deliver present-moment awareness

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I tried mindfulness meditation on and off for around 15 years but could never clear my mind of thoughts. I always felt like I was failing. Beeja meditation turned out to be exactly what I was looking for: a practical, easy way of meditating based on the simple repetition of a mantra.
Dan, Journalist, Brighton

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