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Summary: Connect with the world again

  • Being able to consciously connect to ourselves and the world around us on an emotional, physical and conscious level is one of the fundamental hallmarks of being human.
  • Stressful lives, ingrained patterns of thought and behaviour inhibit the ability to feel connected.
  • Beeja meditation is a quick, effective and very profound way to plug back in and feel in tune with yourself, those around you and the wider world.

The problem: A growing sense of disconnection

Fast-paced lives, hours of screen-time a day, shorter sleep cycles, demands of work and home create layers and layers of stress and strain that manifest in a resilient barrier between us and the natural world. Interestingly, and unfortunately, this barrier also includes the relationship we have with ourselves.

Our senses become numbed, our visual perception dulled (we perceive only 20% of the colour differentiation we did in the 1960s), part of our brain associated with empathy becomes inhibited, we are quick to react, less emotionally open and less in tune with the rhythms of the body and nature. We feel disconnected, to ourselves both physically and emotionally, and to the world around us.

I feel some kind of power building up in me. My trust in a divine force is higher and higher. I’m happy, light and flowing. Guys, I can go on and on. I have tried many things, nothing has caused so many profound changes in such a short time. And the best's effortless!

Dora, Dubai

How does Beeja meditation help?

By taking us to a restful place that is significantly deeper than the deepest point in sleep, Beeja meditation allows our bodies to release the stress, strain and fatigue that have built up layer by layer over the days, weeks, months and years. We start to see with new lenses, feel with new skin and live in the flow.

One of the first things our students report noticing when they learn to meditate with us is their heightened sensual capabilities; things seem brighter and more vivid, taste is stronger, life is richer. This greater recognition and enjoyment of what we feel, see, taste etc. is the enlivened connection between the “functioning” you and the inner, richer you. It is a beautiful budding of awareness that then begins to echo out into other areas of our lives.


“I started to know myself at a deeper level, connect with others in a more honest and profound way and live life from a place of feeling and joy rather than anxiety and anguish.” Isabella, student, London

As our practice develops we begin to notice a growing sense of connectivity with every cell, fibre and system within the body. We can feel, predict and manage (when out of balance and required) the rhythms that flow and govern our daily bodily functions. And we can use this knowledge and understanding to give ourselves the strength, balance and latitude we need to function at our best and most vibrant.

Similarly, we can become the witness to our emotional reactions, indulging them when relevant and recognising those that are repeated patterns of negative behaviour and thought processes. After four months of learning, neuro-plasticity also begins to loosen and dissolve the negative neuronal pathways that result in reactive and emotive responses. We feel more balanced, aware and conscious of ourselves on an emotional level, and with this connectivity, we can consciously move into more positive actions and reactions.

With greater awareness of ourselves comes the ability to connect and understand other people. Those that first learn Beeja meditation often report the growing ability to relate, understand, empathise and connect, on both an individual and a wider societal level. Communication skills enhance, and intuition becomes very strong.

And in tandem with the growing discovery of our inner-connectivity, we start to feel more connected with the natural environment, to the land, the seasons, the produce and its rhythms, its beauty and its incredible diversity. People often report feeling a sense of connection to something that is beyond the mind, body and ego, that’s all-embracing and pervading.

All of us have the capacity to intuit, feel and sense on a deep level that enables us to communicate more effectively and precisely, experience the depth of emotional richness, have the courage of our convictions, feel in balance with nature and live more in the flow. All we need is an effective tool to help us access the level of connection, on an individual and universal sphere.



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