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What Are Some Unusual Benefits Of Meditation?
Conquering Cognitive Biases: How Meditation Makes You More Open-Minded

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Meditation for Tiredness: How This Habit Will Boost Your Energy

If there’s one complaint about modern living that we hear again and again, it’s the extreme levels of tiredness and exhaustion that appears to affect a huge proportion of adults. How many times have you heard or said the phrase “I’m knackered”, dragged yourself out of bed in a fog of exhaustion, or cancelled on […]

Does Meditation Have Any Scientifically Proven Benefits?

Now, for us at Beeja, this feels like a bit of a silly question – as immersed in the world of meditation as we are, we know that the answer is an unequivocal yes! However, it isn’t necessarily obvious that meditation isn’t simply a spiritual or “wellness” practice – something that’s nice to do, but […]

Weapon Eyes

A message from Will on collective stress and social media: It seems lots of people have been struggling in recent weeks, and there is a real sense of collective destabilisation, and so if you’re feeling any of that, please know that you’re not alone and that you will get through it. I’m also seeing it […]

Meditation for Grief

If you suppress grief too much, it can well redouble.    Moliere No person can go through life untouched by grief. It is one of the universal human experiences, but no matter how much we acknowledge that loss is part of life, losing someone we love is undoubtedly one of the hardest things we can face.  […]

The Fifth Generation

After thinking carefully for some time at Beeja about the subject of 5G – which is the topic of the following post, written by our founder Will Williams – we felt it was important to share the information and conclusions we have come to after a long period of reading and research. We are aware […]

Why meditation makes us better global citizens

It’s understandable that part of how we define ourselves is by location. We may think of ourselves as European, or a Londoner, or even have the deepest affinity for where our parents are from. These locations tie us by cultures and values, shared memories and communities, and the feelings we associate with them are often […]

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