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What Age is Best to Start Meditation?

When it comes to the best age to start meditating, the answer for those yet to make this practice part of their lives is “whatever age you are right now”. Whether you are a student just setting out on your future or a long-time retiree, meditation has a myriad of benefits just waiting to be […]

A Meditation on “What If” Thinking

Our latest post from Will Williams is a meditation on “what if” thinking, and how we can how show ourselves self-compassion. I’m feeling it’s time for us to give some consideration to the immortal phrase ‘what if…’ How many times have you thought this phrase? How many times has it been followed by a remorseful […]

Does Meditation Increase Intelligence?

When we ask the question “does meditation increase intelligence?”, there are two answers – the short one and the long one. And the short answer is yes, a wealth of evidence does suggest that meditation will increase our intelligence, boosting brain matter and sharpening our cognitive abilities.  However, it wouldn’t be much of a blog […]

Meditation And Humility

Will explores meditation and humility, and how we can develop this rare but wonderful quality. As I journey through life, I become more and more aware of what a gloriously edifying experience it is to encounter someone who is genuinely humble. This is not to be confused with someone who is shy, or someone who […]

The Myths and Misconceptions around Wellbeing

For many people, the words “wellbeing” or “wellness” can elicit an inner groan – and we can see why this might be so! Wellness in our Instagram-filtered world can be thought of as something wishy-washy, indulgent and even self-centered, or the domain of a privileged few who have endless time and money on their hands. In […]

Meditation For Tiredness & Energy Boosting Meditation Tips

If there’s one complaint about modern living that we hear again and again, it’s the extreme levels of tiredness and exhaustion that appears to affect a huge proportion of adults. How many times have you heard or said the phrase “I’m knackered”, dragged yourself out of bed in a fog of exhaustion, or cancelled on […]

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