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The Cost of Workplace Stress

The cost of workplace stress

For employers, and the self employed, workplace stress can have significant personal and financial effect. According to the mental health charity Mind, stress costs the UK economy 100 billion every year, and in the US it’s thought to be somewhere between $200 and $300 billion. With the potential for huge savings, as well as ensuring the mental wellbeing of business owners and their workforce, the advantages of reducing work related stress and encouraging¬†corporate wellbeing¬†are becoming increasingly evident. (more…)

What Can We Learn From The World’s Happiest Countries?

the world's happiest countries

It is World Mental Health Awareness week, an event that is particularly pertinent at a time when one in four adults (and one in ten children) are suffering with mental health issues in any given year. The occasion aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma and tackle this global issue. Here at Beeja Meditation we have been looking at the world’s happiest countries to understand what it is they do right, and how we can improve the overall happiness of the population.

It’s probably impossible to ascertain without doubt what country is the happiest in the world. There’s lots of competing information to contend with, struggles around the importance of material wealth in relation to wellbeing, and the massive philosophical headache of trying to define what happiness even is in the first place. This issues haven’t stopped 2015 World Happiness Report from trying though, and they have made the best informed guesstimate possible. (more…)