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Womens Reproductive Health and Infertility: How Meditation Can Help

Reproductive Health & Meditation


This is the start of infertility awareness week in America, an issue that effects many people throughout the world and can cause huge amounts of distress. Studies have shown that, as a group, women who experience problems with fertility are as anxious and depressed as those who are living with cancer, heart disease or HIV. Whether the ultimate aim is to conceive, or simply cope and move forward happily with an inability to do so, women who are struggling with fertility can face many challenges.

Women have historically shouldered the most responsibility in reproductive issues, from avoiding pregnancy to trying to achieve it. This manifested itself in various ways, with infertility resulting huge social ramifications for women, especially given that in deeply patriarchal societies bearing sons was seen as one of the only useful things women could do. We have significantly moved on from these attitudes, but their echoes can still be felt. (more…)

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Meditation & Sleep

Meditation & Sleep


I’m constantly amazed by the amount of people who are not sleeping so well these days…the problem seems to be getting worse by the year. And even for those who seem to sleep through the night, every single one of us living in an urban environment, or spending a lot of time in front of screens is faced with the issue of our sleep quality being severely inhibited by the strain of modern living.

The issue largely stems from the fact that we are not really biologically capable of dealing with the overwhelming stimulation of such a hyper-technological age. The industrial revolution brought so many changes to our way of life that our nervous systems were already becoming overloaded several hundred years ago. It was the advent of electrification eighty eight years ago that really began the exponential spike in nervous system overload.

Having lightbulbs feels like one of the greatest innovations in human history. If we weren’t abusing the privilege that they bestow on us, it would be hard to discount the transformative effect electricity has had on our social lives and personal safety when walking the streets of whichever town or city you live in. (more…)

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