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When I was at University, I found the content of my economics degree extremely theoretical which left me believing it had no real-world value or apparent applicability. Fair enough, concepts such as “moral hazard”, “selection bias”, “risk aversion” and “in-elasticity of demand” (which neatly explained my family’s penchant for cigarettes no matter what the price!) were all very insightful, but that was about it for three years of academic study! Beer and music became my area of expertise!

However, I did one module where hidden in the textbook was a little Latin expression, “Sapere Aude”, and it has stuck with me ever since. The textbook translation was ‘have the courage to use your own understanding’. I found this incredibly uplifting at a challenging time in my life when things were not running as smooth as I’d envisaged. I was struggling a fair bit – seeing things differently to many of my peers and still recovering from a crazy car accident where I had been a wee bit wild behind the wheel. I was shorn of confidence and in need of such a fillip. (more…)

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How Should You Deal with Anger?

How Should You Deal With Anger?


Anger has a negative image.  It would be hard to find anyone who likes to feel angry or experience anger in others, but despite this anger can be very important. It helps us stand up for ourselves, perceive and address injustice, and gives us the rush of adrenaline needed to face danger when we feel threatened. The problems arise when we experience anger too often and over inconsequential things, and let it become a dominating force in our lives.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know where to start addressing the problem when you are feeling angry all the time. Research has found that “venting”, like going off on rants, slamming doors and generally stomping around – far from calming you down – actually perpetuates your anger. Being visibly angry lots of the time is also socially uncomfortable, and if you try to hold it back it can still be obvious in snapping and tense body language. (more…)

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