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Is organic food the new Green Revolution?

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In light of our organic-driven Ayurvedic cooking workshop, Organic September and our fruitful collaboration with healthy food specialists Hemsley + Hemsley, today’s blog is about the history of farmed foods and the inexorable rise of one of our favourite industries: organic produce.

Food has been the defining factor in humanity’s development and proliferation, and farming has been at its heart. It was the cultivation of crops that allowed people to give up their nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyles for a more stable existence, and developments in farming techniques which catered to a growing population as crises of human health were averted. But as the number of farmers has plummeted and the population continues to rise, some are worried that the quantity of produce is affecting its quality. As conventional farming chases bigger produce and bigger crops, the organic industry has emerged touting a radical principle: it’s not the size of the vegetable that counts, but what you do with it. (more…)

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Tackling Migraine Stigma and Misconceptions: Migraine Awareness Week

migraine stigma


This week it’s Migraine Awareness Week and we have been looking into the problems, pain and stigmatisation that accompanies this often misunderstood illness. There are more migraines sufferers than people who live with diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined in the UK, costing the economy an estimated £2.25 billion a year. With over six million people experiencing migraines and 25 million working days lost every year, it’s clear that this isn’t simply about a passing headache. (more…)

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