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Having A Healthier Christmas, Part Two

healthy Christmas tips


Here at Beeja Meditation we’ve been looking at healthy Christmas tips to keep you a little less sullied during the festivities this year. The festive season is about fun, letting go and LOTS of food, so trying to be healthy at this time of year may seem like a bit of a non-starter. However, it’s easy to start feeling a bit cruddy after too many days of overindulgence. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend embarking on a juice fast on Christmas day, we’ve come up with a few more things you can do to tackle this over-stuffed feeling.

And if you haven’t already, check out our Having a Healthy Christmas, Part One! (more…)

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Having a Healthier Christmas, Part One

healthier christmas


For many people, Christmas is about letting go of all the usual rules. The sensible bit of your brain which usually bounds in and announces “you probably shouldn’t shake a box of chocolates into your mouth after eating an entire stollen” is merrily ignored, lying in wait to bounce back with shame-ridden vengeance in January. However, does it always have to be this way? Maybe you’re getting a bit fed up of feeling sluggish and bloated this time of year, and would like a few small ways to cut down on Christmas indulgence.

Well, the good news it is that we’re here to help! Of course, if you want the kind of Christmas where you dive into every kind of extravagance imaginable then there’s nothing wrong with that – you must do what your heart (and Father Christmas) tells you. But if you’d rather not spend the New Year shifting festive pounds and want to have at least some days of the season hangover-free, then here’s some tips for a healthier Christmas! (more…)

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All I Want for Christmas…

will williams christmas new year resolutions

With Christmas fast approaching and the whirl of pre-Christmas antics

and prep upon us, it’s worth putting some attention on that which
really matters most to each of us, and using this perspective to set
our intentions for the New Year.

The first thing to consider is what genuinely gives you deep pleasure
and fulfilment in life? Do you want to do more of this? If so, maybe
there’s a way to prioritise it more in your life? Are there trade offs
you can make that will optimise your life experience? (more…)

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Four Ways to Make Christmas Less Stressful

christmas less stressful

It’s December, and although all the shops put up their decorations and began blasting out Christmas music what feels like months ago, by all normal people’s standard it’s finally socially acceptable to start talking about Christmas. And we love Christmas at Beeja Meditation! You get to laze around, eat to your heart’s content, get lots of presents and generally have a brilliant time, but for some reason (probably because we are humans and humans are silly) Christmas can still be the source of all sorts of stress.

Shopping is one big problem, as getting crushed in the crowds at a local shopping centre trying to work out what on earth your brother actually likes and whether your mum needs yet another vase is no one’s idea of fun. Then cooking can be a nightmare, because for some reason having 18 vegetable sides seems absolutely vital on Christmas day and the temperature of the kitchen rises to around 180 degrees with every hob and oven turned on full blast. Rushing to awkward office parties, endless hangovers, sleepless kids – it can all cause strain, so what’s the answer to making Christmas less stressful? (more…)

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