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Will explores meditation and humility, and how we can develop this rare but wonderful quality.

As I journey through life, I become more and more aware of what a gloriously edifying experience it is to encounter someone who is genuinely humble.

This is not to be confused with someone who is shy, or someone who is pretending to be humble. But someone who is genuinely so pleased for other people to take the credit, receive the attention, to live their journey in their own empowered way, that they simply do not feel a desire to enforce their views on others.

To be genuinely humble, it requires us to achieve a level of inner peace, of being completely comfortable in our own skin, and a level of open-hearted warmth towards others where we have transcended the need to compete with, or impress, others.

We feel reverential towards nature, and the creativity of life. There is a realisation that life will go on without us, and it is our privilege to be a part of this journey. To wish to share, contribute and serve. To be available for anyone who genuinely wants help, but not so needy that we try to please others, or offer unsolicited advice.

More importantly, there is a very clear sense of being enough. That the pure act of having an open heart, emanating good vibes, is sufficient for a good life.

And if we are wronged? Do we need to vomit our injustice on the world? Or do we simply go to bed at night, safe and secure in our knowledge that we did the best that we could. That the law of karma will ensure a balanced outcome, and we do not need to play policeman or seek retribution.

Not only is it a highly evolved way of being, but it is also all the more precious because our world almost encourages us to do the opposite. Our intellect loves to demonstrate its knowledge. Our ego loves to have others acknowledge its uniqueness, and to bask in its storylines. But if you feel the call to develop more humility, it’s there for anyone to open themselves up to.

It’s something that must grow naturally over time. It can’t be forced. It must germinate and take root in its own precious time. We can fertilise it with twice-daily meditation. We can weed out our wounds by accepting them and taking responsibility for healing, rather than hoping others will fix them. We can offer it a supporting stick during its infancy, by not succumbing to avarice and pride.

And with time, our humility can grow strong enough to withstand any storm. It can become an evergreen feature of our lives. It can offer comfort, shelter, and beauty, to all those who behold it.

And those that do not? This is just fine and dandy, because it is glorious for its own sake. It doesn’t need or seek validation.

So next time you feel a sense of loss, of a victim to life’s misfortunes, just remember that it’s actually an enormous opportunity to develop humility, and surrender to the ever dancing flow of life.

With love, and as much humility as we are capable of

Will & The Team xxx

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